Video Roller Babies - Evian's Babies, That Rocked Viciously, Roll Again

Roller Babies
"Roller Babies" video marketing of Evian was successfully declared as the most viewed video ad online by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. Afterward, the company launched an oncoming late Friday sticking with this baby theme.
It has already reached nearly 13 million views on YouTube.
Though the video ad campaign has been a huge viral success, it’s not like anything of a sale success. After the launch of “Roller Babies” in 2009, the water brand sales was informed to actually fall by Jonah Berger - an Assistant Professor in Marketing faculty at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Forbes stated :

At the time when the Evian “Roller Babies” video reached far beyond the traditional media scope and drew 50 million views, the brand’s market share vanished and its sales fell 25 percent.

The brand kept losing market share in the UK in 2012, as claimed by The Danone Group's water business is raising overall — it owns a great variety of brands — but the agency does not clearly refer to Evian in either its quarterly financials or its latest investor presentation.

Evian's leading agency is Havas Worldwide, Paris.

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