Facebook, a Roadmap to Gender Equality

The social media has brought a lot of changes on how people connect around the world. Facebook is one of those platforms that have brought a revolution in the social media world since it was introduced. However, when facebook was introduced, it seemed not to be sensitive on gender equality. This made many people mistake it as gender insensitive social platform and this caught the attention of facebook designers.

Facebook makes men and women equal

They resolved to make changes in order to accommodate and make men and women equal. Facebook decided to come up with a new friends’ icon which has made a big statement in terms of gender equality. The changes may be considered small by many people but it is worth to remember that majority of the people on facebook are women hence had to be heard and considered. Facebook makes men and women equal in the following ways:

The friends and group icon

The facebook friends and group icons have well represented woman unlike before where the icons were not well representative. It is an important consideration as this made male and female unequal since man seemed to be dominating the woman by both icons. But with the new design, it gives gender equality as the woman is in front and appears to be leaning on the man. This is an important step as it clearly speaks volumes on how facebook is very concerned about gender, men and women are equal. As one man said, pictures speak volumes. The icons were interpreted differently by different people and this generated heat as to whether facebook is for both men and women?

Prominent woman

The new friends and group icons on facebook have another characteristic feature which has made both men and women equal. The woman is presented on this icon is prominently expressed as opposed to the icon before whereby the size of the woman was very small as compared to the male counterpart. This made women look like inferior people on facebook as compared to men. In fact some of the people could have used this to handle women as lesser persons in reference to the icons which were not welcome. It is worth to note that the prominence of the woman on the friends and groups icon does not in any way mean that the woman is superior to man.

The hairstyle

The beauty of a woman in many instances is measured and determined by the hair. In this case scenario therefore, the woman in the old design of the friends’ icon was not very clear in this. It was very hard for the woman to be clearly isolated on the icon and this may have been interpreted to mean inequality to women. However, with the new icons, the hairstyle is very realistic thus communicating how gender sensitive facebook is to its users across the world. Women are defined by their hairstyle hence key in speaking about their importance in society and on facebook.

The shoulders

This is another important consideration that facebook designers looked into when redesigning the friends and groups icons that they use. There is a great difference on the size and manner on which the shoulders of a man and those of a woman appear. Initially this was not taken into consideration as the shoulders of the woman were not even. In the new design of the icons, the shoulders are evenly designed and the man who was positioned in front of her is not the case now. This communicates much in reference to equality of both men and women. Uneven shoulders, a man standing in front of a woman was completely out to create problems in women using the site.

Down sized woman in the shadow of a man

A site that is home to many women around the world, this was not acceptable. The old design portrayed the woman in the shadow of a man which was a clear indication of dominance and inequality. However, in the new design, both the woman and man have been given equal preference which communicates volumes as none is considered to be more equal than the other. None of the sexes is domineering in size as compare to the other hence equality.

In conclusion therefore, through the changes that were made to facebook, both men and women using the platform feel the same. Facebook makes all equal.