Knowing what is trending on FB and how to take advantage of that

Meta: If you can go two or only one step ahead of the media, then you are winning the battle of marketing.


The world is now open to everyone and you can reach to mostly all of the information you want to know about. For that reason, information is now the most valuable resource on the internet and the real world. You can get a huge attention right away if you are the only one can have exclusive information about things that people care about. Like the last book of series Harry Potter came out, if you had known the storyline of the seventh book one day ahead before it’s published, you could have been really famous and rich by now.

This information seems like not related to your business but you will be surprised to know that it helps your page gain a huge traffic and engagement after these posts like that. But you have to know that the earlier you can post that information, the more crowded you get. You do have to select them carefully but for most of trending information, it’s always helping you spread your business.

Marketing on Facebook is a real war among small and new business

Which type of trending news is suitable for your Facebook page?

First of all, you have to understand your products and your customers, and then you will know which type of news works for you. Not all of trending and hot news are good for your business. Example, your products are luxury and you are focusing on high-end customers, the news about an artist winning a rewards or an athlete is getting married will be unrelated. Except that they are also high-end customers and using your products.
Moreover, the positive news would be more appreciated by normal people; while politics news must be shared carefully and if your customers do not really care about that, then you can skip it. Don’t try to follow the crowd, just be smart and read your customers to know what to share and post.

How to know which information is trending?

The easiest way is reading news. Of course, all of the hottest news will be on newspaper and came from trusted sources. However, a newspaper is normally slow at this time and you are ancient if you pick up news on that. That’s why people now look for online news. But the information up there are plenty and fakes and rumors are confused so you need to read them carefully.

Then Youtube will be a good source for you to look for. Trending tab or viral clips are usually uploaded in there and you can easy to grab the link and share with everyone. Videos and clips are an effective way to get attention.

Instagram is another social media that can help you find trending stuff. You can recognize how famous people change the way they took photos and that is the trend that you need to catch up ahead.

Find out what people are talking about – related or non-related to your business is really important to expand your brand
TV is used to be considered as dead but now, the comeback of many TV series makes it become a golden land that many trolls, memes and mimics come from. Follow hot TV series will also help you get some ideas and make your all memes before everyone else. If you can do that, your page will get a huge credit from that.

Depend on your products and business, taking part in a forum of those products or related fields is necessary. You not only know what your customers are talking about but also can consider all the ideas, make it come true to them and gain a lot of benefits. Many rumors from forums have come true and sharing those humor can make your customers have faith in your company.

There is an unusual way but could be helpful is using Google. You can simply type only names of your product or things that your customers care about, and then wait for it. Google will automatic complete your search of giving you some suggestion of the most searching about that. Then you will know what people want to know about your products any post that information on your Facebook page.

Finally, if you have sources, then you can do a survey by yourself to learn about your customers, ask them what they need and post each of them to see which ideas get the most reaction. Sometimes, trending news is what your customer and their community care about you. It doesn’t have to be world breaking news, but it needs to catch your target customers.

How to take advantage of trending news?

Try to make it become your ideas. If you just share it via another page or write credit to other sources that related to your product, then you are doing it the wrong way. After knowing what is trending and hot right now, try to think about another way to present it. Such as using photos to talk about that news; making a short clip to talk and share your ideas about that; drawing a fiction character to replay what happened, etc. Remember that you need to be unique and don’t simply share the original news. That will make more people come and visit your page, leave comments or even better; they will share your creation.


This article may make you feel like it’s easy to find a trend and make it your own. But to be honest, you have to be sensitive and quick to realize trending news. And a lot of concentrate and creation are required to make it unique and works for you. Once you can do all of these things above, you have a really sharp sword to win the battle of competing on Facebook.