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Video Despacito

Lately, we both know that “Despacito” MV has surpassed “See You Again” of Wiz Khalifa as the most viewed YouTube video of all time. Meanwhile, the Luis Fonsi hit in 2017 also soared through the very long-term holder “Gangnam Style” performed by Psy.
Among them, the ones earning the speed on the top 2 most-watched YouTube videos are Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito - it has attracted over 2.5 billion views within 6 months and then went on its way to becoming the oncoming NO. 1 title on the Billboard Hot 100 as well. In order to experience more of such a viewing madness, we’re here today to round up the top 10 viral YouTube videos, or the most successful video marketing campaigns in ascending order:

10. Katy Perry, "Roar" (2013)

Being viewed nearly 2.2 billion times, the “Roar” video of Katy Perry was launched on her 4th album called “Prism” back to 2013. Well, alongside her best friend but now her rival, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry is undoubtedly one of the artists to own multiple entries in the Billion View Club. Like Swift, the entrees of Perry arrive from the similar album.

At a glimpse of her clip off her 2013’s Prism album, the pop star naturally displays her cool acting and survival abilities she has learned to make it on her own after getting lost in a jungle. Reaching the end of the video, Perry has fully transformed into the Queen of Jungle, Sheena. “Roar” was released with the aim of promoting her 4th studio album Prism. It featured how she has to go face to face with a wild tiger and then turned out to be a queen of the jungle. After that, the main character of this video marketing campaign has to fight against a flower crown and different other animals which adore her.

By selecting such an appealing song as the leading single, she apparently stirred the whole world more excited for more new music. Therefore, the buzz surrounding the album immediately created great excitement for the music video “Roar” went number one so quickly.

9. Maroon 5, “Sugar” (2015)

Getting to the number 8 on the listing is Maroon 5’s Sugar, which has been viewed 2.2 billion times because it was launched in the first month of 2015. The video marketing campaign of the band features how they traveled to Los Angeles and then crashed the weddings. At every ceremony, the band hid on a makeshift stage covered by a curtain before they went out to perform.

The single performed in their clip was the infectious and disco-tinged song off the album in 2014, “V”. This single was also nominated for one Grammy Award as the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Maroon 5 surprised Los Angeles brides and grooms on their happy day with one of their incredible performances from their new single called “Sugar”. The band succeeded in sharing the shocking reactions in this single for sure, making people agree that it’s so awesome!

Besides, the video was directed by the same director of the “Wedding Crashers” movie as well. Once the curtain fell off revealing the band, the newlyweds couldn’t do anything better than screaming and cheering while other wedding guests jumped up and started to dance. Well, Levine also said that crashing the ceremony is not as easy as it seems!

8. Enrique Iglesias, “Bailando” (2014)

The Spanish version of Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailando” which features both Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno has reached nearly 2.4 billion views till today. Not only that, it’s also proven as one of the most successful video marketing campaigns when holding the record as the longest-running No.1 in the history of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs.

However, the video did not remain at the top of the chart for 41 weeks, but then went to No.12 on the Billboard Hot 100, supported by the Spanish remix featuring the guest rap of Sean Paul. By the way, Enrique Iglesias’ fans just couldn’t wait to dance to the rhythms of the single after its release.

Back to the August, 2015, the single earned its first billion views and then became the first Spanish language song to hit that digit and then, 20 months later, the song still reaches another new figure without anyone expectations.

And when he heard the news, Enrique Iglesias got to the Instagram to express his gratefulness to his fans in both English and Spanish. It’s because this billion-view mark means his music video to be the most-viewed video clips in the Spanish language ever to be uploaded to YouTube.

7. Taylor Swift, “Shake if Off” (2014)

The second MV of Swift climbed up to the top 10 list of the most viewed video on YouTube of all time, and we all know it “Shake it Off”, landing in the 7th place in the YouTube videos list. The single was launched in August 2014, which has gained almost 2.3 billion views. During this time, both Swift and Katy Perry were the only 2 artists who own over one video clip to reach a billion views.

And “Shake It Off” - one of the greatest video marketing campaigns of Swift became the initial single off her whole pop crossover album named 1989. Covering her music video was the fun and free-spirited atmosphere when the Swift is trying to test out all sorts of dance moves, from twerking to ballet. She made them all in her own effort to shake, shake and shake it off.

“Shake” also led the Digital Songs chart for a week with 355,000 downloads sold according to Nielsen SoundScan. Not surprisingly, this video immediately became a big sensation, which Swift fans just can’t get enough of her interesting video, which shows off Taylor’s attempt to imitate some moving styles from the most artful dances to the break movement.

6. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster

More shockingly, the only video lying in the top 10 video marketing campaigns this time is not a music video - Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster that reached 2.386 billion views. This is about the Russian animated TV show based on the famous folk tale for kids. It’s about the little girl named Masha and her fatherly bear who lives to keep her from catastrophes.

She is actually a trouble maker! In the cartoon, the Bear plays checkers with himself but only Masha tries to distract him. At last, she feels hungry so eats the porridge but she doesn’t like it after that. It’s why she needs to make her own. However, the pot begins to overflow and then she has to feed all forest animals. However, it’s still too much, so Masha gives up and the bear goes back at the time when the pots blow up. As a result, the little girl is forced to eat the oatmeal for a long time because the pots are all full.

We are and also the kids who are very happy to know that every family all round the world both enjoy watching this amazing show!

5. Mark Ronson, “Uptown Funk” (2014)

“Uptown Funk” official video featuring Bruno Mars has almost gained 2.6 billion views after its release on YouTube in November 2014. This single found no trouble winning 3 Grammy awards and then hit the record 2.34 million listeners in just one week in the UK after its launch in January. It sold more than 2 million copies, going past the total sales of Paul McCartney and Wings’ single “Mull of Kintyre” in 1977.

Well, Mark Ronson has often been considered as a hitmaker even before the incredible rise of “Uptown Funk”! And with the collaboration between Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson would make this video marketing campaign more successful than ever! It helps two of them perfectly crafted to top of the charts and surely had no difficulty in reaching the Hot 100.

This “Funk” clip was claimed to encapsulate the essence of the whole song and the individual personalities of Mars and Ronson. They are the ones playing the hell out of the instruments and then impress others by their moves, which makes the single more upbeat and leads it to earn as many views as possible. Who just does not love it every now and then? Especially when it’s lauded with some amazing signature moves and followed by Mark Ronson on the hood of the car!

4. Justin Bieber, “Sorry” (2015)

The young star Justin Bieber debuts himself in the top 10 most viewed videos in YouTube when his single “Sorry” climbed up after “Baby” has just moved out. This 2015 track has reached around 2.7 billion times; meanwhile, the “Baby” track that plays an important role for Bieber’s fame soon languished with less than 1.7 billion views. In Justin Bieber’s case, there’s so much that he needs to be sorry for!

There are several people so excited to hear that apology, making the song succeed in landing a spot on the list with its 2.6 billion views. If we recall, the video’s dance-centric feature from his “Purpose” album as a Caribbean-influenced gentle EDM sound that turned out to be the mainstream of that year.
Interestingly, while Justin is one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet, the singer himself did not show up in the official “Sorry” song’s visual performance. Instead, he enabled a handful of amazing dancers to entertain the audience, and apparently his decision to do really work well - his video marketing campaign has racked up 2.6 billion views without expectation. Guess what? Adele’s “Hello” ranked second with over 1.2 billion listens.

3. Psy, “Gangnam Style” (2012)

The classic “Gangnam Style” video took the globe by storm since its release in 2012. This single performed by the South Korean K-Pop singer became the first YouTube video to attract one billion views. Back then, now it has peaked 2.9 billion watches. So no wonder why the song topped all charts over 30 countries and even the Prime Minister David Cameron and the US President Barack Obama were both seen danced with this iconic move.

PSY has everything in the video to surprise the audience, from people dancing in a bus to the dancing horse. Although lots of viewers might not actually understand even a single word from the lyrics, and not even know that “Gangnam” here is really a District in Seoul, the song didn’t fail to grab more views than any other YouTube video. It proves that the Internet is such a weird place for everyone to come and learn weird things!

The song was so eye-catching with the scenes that appear so captivating that its popularity threatened to break the YouTube’s views record in 2014. And you should know that the online streaming agency must get its coding upgraded to allow the K-Pop hit to surpass the limit of 2,147,483,647 views.

2. Wiz Khalifa, “See You Again” (2015)

“See you again” video featuring Charlie Puth didn’t find it a big challenge to outstrip “Gangnam Style” to become the most viewed clip in July 2017. However, it just held this top position for a few weeks before it was actually overtaken. This is also a powerful video marketing campaign commissioned for the soundtrack to Furious 7 since it has reached almost 3 billion views since its publish at the start of April 2015. The single is a tribute to Paul Walker, the actor who passed away in a car accident back to 2013.

How does it top? One of the most noticeable factors helping “See You Again” single to reach over 3 million views a day in 2017 is its ad-sales platform of the Universal Music and Sony Music. It’s Vevo which has been driving more views with its recommended algorithms while the autoplay of YouTube results in more video played per viewer session. Besides, these apps’ advancement accounted for 7 billion monthly users worldwide have driven link sharing.

The funny thing is that when “See You Again” was initially released, it didn’t debut on YouTube but on Facebook instead. This video marketing campaign partnered Khalifa, Charlie Puth, Paul Walker’s estate and Universal Studios to the global premiere, the Facebook pages of the artists, actors, and studio.

1. Luis Fonsi, “Despacito” (2017)

“Despacito” performed by Luis Fonsi and featuring Daddy Yankee, has climbed to the peak past the competition since its launch at the start of 2017 and became the most viewed YouTube viral videos of all time. This Spanish-language single has reached almost 3 billion times, fast surpassing Wiz Khalifa, Psy, Justin Bieber, Swift and more to take the throne or became the new king of YouTube history.

According to Daddy Yankee, he stated that for Despacito’s success, it seems that the music rules have changed and it’s YouTube which is largely responsible for this success. Well, breaking the record is just overwhelming and no one can’t be happy about that! Streaming is a great connection for all audiences in the world and it has assisted the music video to reach every corner of the globe. Also, there’s something so sure about: the streaming has opened up a song with a distinct beat from a different culture and in a different language.

It’s also the smash hit that can rule the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks and still counting. The track now sticks to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You for holding the longest command of the Hot 100 this year. The whole video’s rise is just impressive after it hit YouTube in January.

After learning all top 10 viral videos on YouTube, a lot of video marketers might not resist such a great temptation to wonder if one of their videos later has actually made it onto one of these lists or not. These 10 most watched YouTube videos are properly the best video marketing campaigns that your media company has to learn. So if you want people to watch your product, make it more sense or like these ones than making it look like the Super Bowl Commercials.