17 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, a successful Facebook Marketing strategy goes beyond a Facebook presence and posting updates. How can you effectively use Facebook Marketing for Business?

One platform

Before we even look at how you can use Facebook to market your brand, it is important to note that as a small business, it will pay off to focus on one social media platform, in this case, Facebook. Trying to keep up with multiple sites will be costly in the end, and time consuming as well.

On Facebook, you can create custom pages, post photos and videos, as well as engage with your audience. This is why many small business opt to use it as a marketing tool. Let us look at the strategies:

1. A good profile picture and cover photo

This seems pretty obvious. However, these two components make up your brand’s first impression. You can use your company’s logo as the profile picture. You can however be more creative with the cover. For instance, you can use a team photo or product display. You can also design something specific for this purpose.

17 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

2. Contests and giveaways

For this Facebook Marketing strategy to work, you need to offer a great prize that will entice your audience to participate. Put yourself in the participant’s position. Would you like to enter the contest? You can also use apps to run the contests, offers and promotions. If you are on a tight budget, you can run the contests directly on the Facebook fan page.

3. Call to Action

You can put a button in your cover’s lower right corner. This button links to whatever website you choose. You can use buttons like: Contact Us, Play Game, Sign Up, Book Now, Use App, Shop now, and watch video. You can also include the URL of your site’s mobile version, if it is applicable.

Another aspect of this technique of Facebook Marketing for Business is including a call to action to welcome visitors to your page. You will need a welcome tab to do this. This tab will welcome them to the page and give them a reason to like the page. This tab needs to look splendid. You could hire a freelance designer to design and install the tab for you.

4. Facebook Questions

This Facebook Marketing strategy allows you to come up with content that will make people want to interact with you. It involves creating a status update that is a poll. People are more likely to interact with your question. Polls are also crucial if you want to get invaluable insights. Some of the questions that you can use in your poll are:

  •  What are some of the products you would like us to offer?
  •  What is your biggest challenge?
  •  Which of these is your favorite?

5. Image Sizes

Images are an important part of Facebook Marketing for Business. They therefore need to look good. Here is a breakdown of commonly used image sizes:

  •  Profile: 180 x 180 pixels
  •  Cover: 851 pixels wide x 351 pixels tall
  •  Shared images: 1200 x 1200 pixels

Keep your images to the above sizes.

6. Apps

You can connect your Facebook page with various apps. The apps can appear at the top with tabs. They could also have their own section in the column on the left. You can include the option to sign up to your email newsletter. Many email marketing service providers have an app which they use to connect the email and the app.

7. Rewards

Your Facebook Marketing strategy should include how to reward your most faithful followers. This could be the most active person, who always shares, likes and comments. You could do something special for them. This is very effective in boosting your word-of-mouth marketing.

You can also give your audience an opportunity to share links to their website on your Facebook page. They get the chance to show their business, meet new people and make connections.

You can also give discounts to your fans. Use an image to promote the discount to grab your audience’s attention.

8. Milestones

Milestones have a prominent display with a headline, location, photo, date and other details. For your business, milestones include the launch of a new product, special events, and achievements.

9. Highlight posts

This is a good technique for Facebook Marketing for Business. To highlight a post:

  • Click on the edit icon (upper right corner of your post)
  • Click 'highlight'
  • This adds a 'star' in the upper right corner.

10. Pin posts

Pinning a post helps to draw attention to it, as it appears at the top of the timeline. You can only pin one post at a time. It will remain pinned for a week, or until you unpin it. To pin a post, click on the edit icon in the upper right corner. Select 'pin to top'. You will see an orange tag in the upper right corner. This will denote a pinned post. Ensure that your pinned post is of value to first-time visitors, since it is the very first post that they will see.

11. Featured Tabs

You can list 3 tabs on your main page. The rest will be kept under the 'more' option.

12. Fast response

When your audience comments on your photos or posts, reply promptly. This is crucial especially if the question is a complaint. You could also thank the members of your audience who compliment you.

13. Videos

Create brief and entertaining videos. You will able to connect and engage with users on a medium that they enjoy.

14. Positivity

You can choose to inspire your audience by posting inspirational images and quotes. They can also be humorous.

15. Fill in the blanks

You cannot leave this out if you are using Facebook Marketing for Business. This is because people tend to like these posts a lot. You can rephrase questions and ask your audience to fill the blanks. These statements result in more engagement when compared to basic questions. You can for instance post, 'If I had $1 million…'

16. Seasonal posts

You can share a holiday quote or picture centered on a holiday. Add a personal touch. This helps your audience see you as a real person.

17. Expert tips

You can share tips from an industry expert to solve a common problem.


As you can see, Facebook Marketing goes way beyond a Facebook account and updates. You can effectively use the above techniques for Facebook Marketing for Business.