Which marketing lesson from the most watched historical music video?

Video Despacito

Reaching 3 billion views after more than 200 days, "Despacito" became the most viewed song on YouTube history …

With over 3 billion views on YouTube - the most in the history of the music video, "Despacito" is a combination of the core elements needed in any marketing campaign.
On August 4th, the music video "Despacito", performed by Puerto Rican artists, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, became the most viewed video in YouTube history with nearly 3 billion views (excluding more than 400 million The remix video version with Justin Bieber).

It also earned the title as the fastest-rising track in history, reaching 3 billion views in just over 200 days (the song was posted to YouTube on January 12, 1977). At the same time, "Despacito" is also the most popular YouTube video and is the most viewed music video in 2017 in more than 40 countries.

From the incredible success of this song, in addition to the specific musical element, there are many lessons that many big brands and trademarks can learn from.

First of all, it’s the advantageous launch of "Despacito". Not only is it sung in Spanish, but the reggaeton is also covered in "Despacito" - it originates from Jamaica and developed in Puerto Rico as well as has long been popular in Latin America but occasionally make a breakthrough in the English music world.

Video marketing
Video Marketing
Thus, the timely launch according to the "indigenous theory" (assuming that local residents are superior to immigrants) and the issues surrounding immigrants boom around the world , which contributes to the ‘spread’ of this song at a rapid pace. The song became even more special after the announcement and events of US immigrant made by Donald Trump, according to the New York Times.
"This song comes at the right time, when in the world we live now, there are some people who want to split up and build walls," said Jesus Lopez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Latin Entertainment. .

In addition to the "addictive" music, the image is a big factor contributing to the success of Despacito. The music video was filmed in a poor coastal village called La Perla in Puerto Rico with wild and colorful footage in the charismatic dance of sexy colored cast.

Thanks to this video, the number of tourists to Puerto Rico spiked just a few months after "Despacito" was released. In May, the hotel occupancy rates increased by 9% compared to the same period last year, said Jose Izquierdo, Director of state-owned tourism company Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Although there is no official record of the rise in tourist numbers due to "Despacito," Izquierdo said the song helped confirm and enhance the brand identity of the island.

Marwan Badran, Director of the Latin American division of Hotels.com, said that the search for hotel rooms in Puerto Rico has increased 45% since the beginning of the year.

"Normally, the demand is skyrocketing with movie shooting locations or the famous celebrity weddings," Badran said. And Puerto Rico is no exception when this country is home to the "Despacito" - the most viewed music video in history. "

In addition to these two factors, the most important thing that made the “Despacito” promotion successful was the collaboration with the YouTube video sharing platform.

"Breaking records into the most viewed video of all time on YouTube is really unimaginable, not just for me but also for both Latin music and culture. Working with platforms like YouTube allows our songs to reach global audiences, which previously seemed impossible, "said singer Luis Fonsi.

Meanwhile, singer, rapper and music producer Daddy Yankee said: "The YouTube platform is the key to the success of 'Despacito.' The music industry has changed with changing rules and I acknowledge the power and role of this platform. "

According to Google, YouTube plays a big role in the strong growth of Latin music and music in particular. In the top 100 most viewed artists on YouTube in 2017, one third were Latin artists.

By the end of June, YouTube officially reached 1.5 billion monthly users and was the "cradle" to the global explosion of many songs, including the "Gangnam Style" Korean Psy.

It can be said, the music video 'Despacito' possesses many factors to success, from addictive music, perfect debut time, eye-catching images but need "adhesive" to put this song to the global peak and YouTube platform did it!