How to download the latest version of Facebook for Phone?

Social media platforms are growing popular with every passing day. No matter for what purpose you are using them, they are the ones that provide you with the opportunity to communicate with the whole world.

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If you are a business man, Facebook allows you to market your product and let people know about your brand. If you are using it on a personal basis, it allows you to interact and connect with the people in your social circle.

Moreover, it is used for a large percentage of the population nowadays. Now that you know the benefits and importance, the next step is to know how to download Facebook on your device or desktop.

Download Facebook on android phone:

If you are using an android device, the following are the steps you need to follow to download Facebook:
  • Step 1: In your android device, you will see an icon of play store or google play. Find that icon and click it. 
  • Step 2: Click on the search bar and type Facebook. After that, click okay. 
  • Step 3: After you press the okay button, the play store will show up the option from which you have to select Facebook. Click on that icon. 
  • Step 4: From the opened screen, tap on the install button. By tapping that, you will be asked about your permission. Allow it and let it install in your device. 

After the completion of installation, you will be able to use the latest version of the Facebook on your device. Make sure you periodically upgrade the new version from the play store by following the same method. To download Facebook on your android, you can use the following link: 

Download Facebook on IOS:

Above was the procedure of installing the latest version of Facebook on android. For installing Facebook on IOS, you need to follow the following steps:
  • Step 1: Go to the iPhone’s app store from the main menu options.
  • Step 2: After opening the app, you will find a search option on the above of the screen. Click on that option to search for your required application. 
  • Step 3: By pressing the search option, you will be provided with the option to type your required application. Type “Facebook” and then press okay. 
  • Step 4: If you type the correct spelling of Facebook, it will be the first option that will flash on the screen. After finding that option, click on it. 
  • Step 5: You will find a button on the right of your screen. The option “Get” will be flashing. By clicking on that option, it will turn into Install. Click on it and the installation will start. (If your device already has Facebook, the option will show “open”.) 
  • Step 6: This step needs to be followed only if your device asks for it. Facebook is free which is why you don’t have to enter your Apple id. If it requires that, do entre it. 
These were the steps you need to follow to download Facebook on your Apple device. You can also use the following link: