6 Most Important Things You Didn’t Know About Amazon Prime

If Amazon itself is a big treasure of appealing prices, Amazon Prime is more than that - it has a wide range of other services more than just videos and shipping.

6 Most Important Things You Didn’t Know About Amazon Prime

Did you know that Amazon Prime owns more than only free 2-day shipping for whatever you desire - free movies, music, TV Shows and more! Everyone knows about this online retail giant, especially when it comes to the premium subscription services. So we’ve got plenty of great reasons to register, such as the early access to various discounts, free 2-day shipping on every item, and the unique delivery options.
Well, today we’ll reveal the six most important things you didn’t know about Amazon Prime so that you can make use of it on your iPhone or iPad.

What is Amazon Prime? 

We call it a membership program enabling the clients to access to a handful of Amazon-related services and deals. But the most interesting thing about Prime is how you can take advantage of it on your iPhone and iPad by simply downloading any of your favorites, from Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos to Kindle for the iOS operating system. 

And by kickstarting the 30-day free trial, you’re given the immediate access to the most attractive deals along with free 2-day shipping. In some situations, you might find yourself suddenly bumped to the awesome 1-day shipping. Another not-to-missed feature of Amazon Prime is the opportunity to gain a non-charged 6-month trial of Amazon Prime Student.

Just come to join as a Prime Student who can access to the fastest and free shipping on more than 50 million products - streams thousands of TV Shows - movies - the most exclusive college deals. After that, you will be gain half the price of the frequent Prime.

Now, are you changing up your mind? Whenever you like to purchase online from Amazon, it’s still the best time to begin the 30-day free Prime trial. It’s because it consists of many services beyond simply videos and shipping that you’ve never known! Here are some of the special things you can’t miss about Amazon Prime.

#1  Earn 50% Off Unlocked Android Phones 

The Prime is known to provide different discounts for some unlocked phones, and only the Prime members can pre-order them for around 50% or more off, based on the model.

However, there’s also a downside regarding this issue: To achieve those deals, the phones will place ads on your lock screen in the same way Amazon places ads on the Kindle through the Special Offers. Therefore, to dodge these ads, please purchase the phone at its full price.

#2  Get 20% Off Video Games 

As a Prime member, you might have another great happiness: During the pre-order durations and the initial two weeks of sales, the physical video games are offered with 20% off their original prices. This amazing moment usually arrives with the game’s release day. And there’s no need to think hard of it, especially when the discount gets applied at checkout. However, please note that it’s only for physical copies, not the digital ones.

Besides, Amazon Prime has the Twitch Prime that is specialized in delivering discounts on brand new and pre-release games as well as the capability of serving a swiveling selection of games without paying a penny. You will get to encounter the ad-free viewing, exceptional badges, beautiful colors for chats and one monthly free Twitch Prime channel subscription.

#3  Now watch them all on Prime Video!

In the most recent times, you’re conscious about the version of Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, right? It’s the most awesome thing to watch the original programs such as the Bosch, Transparent, Catastrophe, etc. Don’t miss it by downloading the most popular movies or TV Shows from Amazon exclusives, like The Man in High Castle or The Grand Tour for examples.

Watch Prime Video for only $8.99 each month and keep in mind that it won’t arrive with free 2-day shipping. So are you ready for it? Be a Prime Member and watch them all on any of your devices or just via the web.

#4  Enjoy Free Music With Amazon Prime

You must know that Amazon won’t like the idea of getting left behind when other giant companies like Microsoft, Apple or Google enter into space. So obviously, it designed Prime Music - a streaming music program that is quite like the Spotify, but completely free of charge as long as you’ve already paid for your Prime Membership.

The issue here is its Prime Music just owns about 2 million songs that you can listen without buying more. However, Amazon still allows us to download all the good music we love onto our phone, so we get to hear underground or without using the cellular data while we’re walking around.

In case you have no idea about this: in a few cases, Amazon Prime Music will present you a digital version of any specific physical CD you bought on the site, for free of course.

Sure enough, Spotify has more than 30 million songs, but you might find out how fast you would put together in a playlist of over 450 songs from Amazon. It’s properly because it knows how to add great music to satisfy our different tastes.

#5  Sign Up For Amazon Family For Great Savings 

Join as a Prime member with your babies can even register successfully for Amazon Family, which is such a great gift to our big families, right? Parents will get to reach further savings, including the 20% off diaper subscriptions and other special coupons for baby stuff. So how to start? Create a baby profile throughout your signup section to kickstart.

#6  Earn “Same-Day” or 1-day Delivery

Again, as one of those Amazon Prime members in more than 5,000 cities & towns, you can access to the same-day or one-day delivery on up to one million products with orders over $35. Greater than this, several of the cities take a lot of advantages from Prime Now, which delivers all the household items you need daily together with the best of the retail giant - the Free 2-hour delivery.

After knowing these six awesome things about Amazon Prime, we’re sure that even if you’re not on Prime, today will be a great time for you to sign up. And remember to get yourself ready before the Prime Day arrives - July 11, when the company will provide you with all kinds of attractive deals exclusively for Prime members. Our best advice to register at any time before Tuesday for further benefits.