Are you ready to be evaded by ads on Facebook messenger?

Lately, Stan Chuvnosky, Facebook Messenger head of product has said in a phone interview with the website VentureBeat that: “[Advertising is] not necessarily everything, but it’s definitely how we’re going to be making money right now. And going forward, there are some other business models we are exploring as well, but they’re all around ads one way or another."

Clearly enough, right now Facebook Messenger is a popular app that owns 1.2 billion monthly users. Once the ads in added on, the app will become a marvelous money maker for the world's largest social media company. There is hardly any reason not to monetise the app.

Now we can see why Facebook had to force its mobile users to switch to a separated messenger app to continue their chatting. The main Facebook social network itself can bring about money through advertising, but another app with the same number of users is such a brilliant business idea.

Last Tuesday, Facebook has officially stated that they were testing advertising globally on Messenger. It is not the first time people have heard about the plan. In the last January, Facebook has launched the initial tests in Australia and Thailand.

The ad revenue is one of Facebook's main financial sources. In fact, it takes up 85%. However, according to social network gurus, the revenue is going to cool off. Therefore, the money streams from ads on other platforms are going to share the burden. Of the company's four platforms, which are Facebook social network, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, WhatsApp is the only one left non-ads.

Previously, Facebook has allowed businesses to directly contact to Messenger users and send them some particular content. However, the change newly made will be a big leap in the advertising industry.

To be specific, Facebook has stated that ads will be added on Messenger's home tab. When users click on the ads, they will be taken to the business's website or a chat window. The brand, then, will serve their potential customers right there. This way, the businesses will not have to make effort looking for customers. Facebook itself will exploit its user database and superior targeting ability to find them for the businesses.

The question triggered is, how Messengers users will react to the movement? Of course, there are benefits in having ads available on your favorite app, but many will see the presence of them irritable. The reaction of the majority is easy foreseen.

It is also said that users will be able to temporarily block some ads, but the company does not make the change for nothing. Messenger users cannot stop being sent ads entirely. Over time, they will get used to it.

Nowadays, there are many ad-blocking plugins available for browsers, so advertisers have to aim at apps such as Facebook and Messenger. Luckily, using Facebook Messenger Lite n Android maybe an escaping route for people who do not want to see ads evading their favorite app.