How to make your marketing campaign more efficient on Facebook

Owing to its massive amount of users, enormous database and great targeting ability, Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular marketing choice. To gain success in business marketing on Facebook, there are tactics you have to learn before rushing to action. No one runs a radio ad on the television, so Facebook is also suitable for particular ways of advertising. Check the list below for things you should learn by heart in this business area.

1. Set a clear goal and sharpen your strategy.

Needless to say, you have to set targets for using Facebook in marketing, and an adequate strategy to achieve those targets. For instance, if a coffee shop using Facebook marketing decides that its goal is to raise the sales by 10% in the next 6 months, they have to come up with a suitable strategy, including:
  • Updating a new post every early morning with new, striking information of the day to attract viewers. The post can also include coupon code or other kinds of incentive.
  • Asking customers for permission to post the photos of theirs enjoying coffee at the shop
  • Encouraging customers to check-in for 10% sale
Having a goal and specific strategy encourage the business to invest more time and thinking in Facebook marketing, as well as guide its actions for the long term.
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2. Do not just focus on selling

In many people's view, Facebook is a social media page just for fun. So if you want to turn Facebook into a marketing tool, you have to do so tactfully. Successful Facebook advertisers are businesses who know how to join conversations, become parts of a community instead of making constant efforts just to sell products.

Posting repeatedly dull messages about a particular product or service will result in negative effects. People will unlike/unfollow your page if you find it nothing than a boring parrot.
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3. Update regularly

Statics indicate that Facebook users check their news feed at least once a day. So to keep your business dynamic, you should post regularly to catch their attention.

Besides, if you leave your page for too long (by the term 'too long' of social media, it means about one week), customers may think that you have stopped running the business.

However, the core principle is that you should only post when you have interesting content to show. Do not let your posts become 'trash' on others' news feed.

4. Make true communication with customers

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Do you want to talk to real people or to robotic dealers? If you don't want to communicate with an impersonal business, don't make your customers suffer the same thing. Hire a Facebook page manager who is able to answer customers' question in a real and likable sound.

5. Encourage customers' questions and reply as quickly as possible

Make use of your charisma and comedy skills to encourage Facebook users to respond to your post or post reviews about your business on the rating bar. Try your best to promote communication with your potential customers. If they do respond to your posts, reply them quickly. Failing to maintain communication will reduce people's willingness to talk to you and make your followers drift away.

6. Make posts vividly with pictures and videos

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Statics say that pictures and videos catch more views from Facebook users than the text only. In fact, pictures and videos are the major elements contributing to Facebook's appeal. Advertising your products through those tools to keep your followers engaged as well as entertained.

Pictures and videos you can post vary but have to depend on your business. For example, a clothing retailer can post photos about new arrivals, but they could also post videos of models trying on clothes and matching clothes tutorials.

What is more, an architect or builder can post day-by-day pictures of a building in constructing phase. Pictures of beautiful houses or apartments are good choices, too.

Other ways to attract people's response are attainable. You can create interactive activities such as offers, contests, games, surveys, giveaways, etc. to attract more followers. The main point of Facebook is to bring about something fun, so as long as you make it fun, customers are yours.

If you want to grab more followers, one possible way is to make the current followers share your post with your friends. Give them some incentives after sharing things so that they would be willing to do it for you.

7. Promote good relationships

It is compulsory to build good relationships with Facebook users to maintain your business's image. The goal takes time to fulfill, so you have to be both patient and professional. Be eager and sincere in answering customers' questions, provide useful information and make incentives for loyal customers to gain their trust and supports.

8. Experiment With Different Ad Placements

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Make contracts with Facebook to put ads on the home page so your potential customers can see the content when they are online. Set up a campaign, put your ads on not only the news feed right-column but also on the news feed desktop and the Facebook mobile home page. This will do a better job in attracting people's attention.


Facebook is now the second most crowded social network, and its number of users is about to increase. With such huge database and many awesome functions in advertising, businesses are more and more interested in making advertisement campaigns on Facebook.
To keep your business competitive in the cut-throat race, you have to make use of all the great features of Facebook and distinguish yourself from the ordinary. Things that you used to find unimportant can be the key to success in this business area.