“Like Us” VS. “Find Us ” ON Facebook, Which One Is Better?

Welcome to Facebook’s Internet, where it almost crushes the competition against the other social media tools of this modern digital era. It keeps taking over the scene in other major markets worldwide, especially for the young customers who are apparently the forefront of such a trend.
Not only that, all of the brands having its presence on Facebook is known to do a fascinating job of engaging their customers. They gain benefits from actively hearing and then creating their own communities plus “Likes” so that any message they want to convey naturally resonates with a large number of clients.

Is “Like Us” On Facebook The First Means of Contact With Customers?

It’s undeniable that there’s a pool of brands obsessed with gaining a high ranking through Facebook’s algorithm. This will determine what you’ll see in your own News Feed. If a content releases plenty of Likes, then it’s the most likely to receive the increasing Organic Reach (Learn the top 5 ways to improve your Organic Reach HERE). In other words, your number of Likes that one post has puts a great impact on that general Organic Read right in the News Feed. This would help the customers view more stories from you, and find out what interests them so that they can interact with the most.

More than that, after a while, you might notice such spikes in Organic Reach that your Facebook Posts increases whenever you reply to comments, stir discussions and even tag specific people to those posts. Nowadays, a page post’s review, image, and transparency are the most important factors peering into the customer’s buying decisions more than before. And this all of us can figure out.

Going through this post, don’t mistake it with some certain ways how to receive a higher EdgeRank or the most favorite to operate, or the best ways to give your page an aesthetic makeover for pleasing the community. Instead of that, the article points out what’s been really bothering most of us lately: Endless business agencies use the “Like Us on Facebook” - their call-to-action message as the No.1 method of contact with their clients. So let’s raise a question about this issue: Why should he like you on Facebook?

You Need More Facebook Likes, But Why They Should Like You?

This is the point. It’s so true that more Facebook likes is always the top of everyone’s passions since they dream or even crave it. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that: Most Facebook Likes truly come from viral excitement and huge engagement, which can blast your revenue to a whole new level of awesomeness!

So if you desire it, consider why exactly should a client like you on Facebook? We agree that he or she might have been a faithful client for months or years, and already heard the fantastic things about your business, your service, or your brand from friends and family. Yet, is this truly the reason causing her to automatically jump over those posts and being “liking” you? If that really happened, you will surely waste no time to fill her news feed with posts that she cares about.

...Customers, They’re Getting Smarter About The Brand Options!

In terms of like it or not, nowadays’ consumers are wiser about choosing their favorite brands. And not surprisingly, most of this comes right from the flood of useful information at our fingertips and the overall obsession with the others’ experiences. Therefore, we can’t blame them for losing their allegiances that the prior generations always did.

There’s also something so great and miraculous about our today’s digital age is that not only each of us has more options than before, but we also become smarter and cognizant of the reality when using the social media tools. For this reason, let’s accept that fact that your consumers need to be given a good reason to like you on Facebook. This could be an incentive or even something that really stir their interests, which results in making them crave for more. In other words, your content must be compelling enough to convince them.

As walking through this issue, don’t mind reading more tips on how to create compelling content on Facebook here:

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76gtwvz2Eno

Make sure to have that kind of “brevity” in all types of your advertising since our valuable time won’t allow the overly detailed information in an ad or your commercial. The best thing to do here is to emphasize on Facebook awareness, not that it’s just because the customers will buy them means you must jump over to their Facebook page and start “liking” them too.

For this reason, instead of moving on to the “likes”, how about respecting your consumers’ intelligence today by using the “Find Us on Facebook” instead? It’s suggested to let them call you to see whether or not you’re indeed worthy of the number of “likes” and then let them come to their final conclusions about the buying decisions. A business brand needs to value their business and values through the consumers’ reviews and opinions so that they can prove themselves by providing the compelling content that can keep them coming back for more than once. “Likes” can be less concerned, but the “find” should be gravitated.

Or you can use this Guide on the simplest 3 steps to add “Find Us on Facebook” button.

It’s a great way to strongly promote your Facebook Page and keep a close bond with friends and clients. By adding this button to your website or blog, attracting a large number of fans and getting your service noticed is not a big deal at all!

Last but not least, owning a page in Facebook is one of the most common things that every marketer would do to make their own web pages more social. However, after building a website, the upcoming thing to consider is to invite your Facebook users to visit that page and at least make them click the “Like” button on it. In order to succeed in this, use “Find Us on Facebook” widget on that website so that they can find you when searching your business’ name.