Optimize your images and videos on FB for more views

Meta: Picture is always the best way to impress anyone for the very first time, so take advantage of that and optimize your post is necessary to win the attention of your customers.


There are many types of research show that a post with pictures or videos has a better engagement than a post without them. And there is nothing to argue about that. However, among tons of images and videos on social media, it’s hard to recognize anything special or truly impress to you. You will keep rolling your mouse and will not stop until you see something truly spot on and have a great impression on you.

Pictures are the most important things on social media right now - Photo credit: mikemacmarketing via Foter.com / CC BY
This happens the same to your customers. You have a truly interesting article and message but to get people stop by and read that, the first impression is truly important. In order to do that, an interesting and matching picture, even the image on your video, will need to be perfect and truly draw the attention of your target customers. Below are a few things you need to prepare before posting any pictures or videos to your FB page.

04 important things you need to adjust before posting an image or video


As a matter of fact, it is obviously because you don’t want your image after posting will be cropped or miss something on it. Your pictures have a clear purpose that you want to deliver to the viewer, but a crop one will not stay the same meaning. Facebook has many types of pictures and videos, and you need to understand exactly which size you need for each specific area.

For the most basic aspect, your profile picture needs to stay in a square of 180x180 pixels and your cover photo stays in 851x315 pixels. If you plan to do marketing on a mobile device, then the cover photo will need to stay in 563x315 pixels or it will be cropped.

A beautiful picture is the easiest way to catch someone attention between tons of posts on New Feed - Photo credit: NicoTrinkhaus via Foter.com / CC BY-NC
About the video, the thumbnail image should stay in 1200x675 pixels. Your video is required to be H264 video compression, square pixels, fixed frame rate and progressive scan. It’s highly recommended to have aspect ratio like 4:3, 16:9, and widescreen without pillar boxing or letter boxing. The video is also limited to 1GB and 45 minutes max.

There are many sizes of each area, and you need to know about the difference between desktop size and mobile size. Luckily, there are now many people share about this dimension, and you can easy to find them on the internet.


The most common shape is square because it will not change or crop anything if you view on post desktop or mobile device. In case you need more space, a standing rectangle will be a good choice for you to deliver more information


The main color of FB is blue and white. If you use similar colors or close to them, your pictures and post will be sunk into tons of posts on the news feed, and no one knows about your post. To make it different, choose an opposite color or a highlight and bright color like orange or pink will make your post spot on and stand out on the wall.

In case your brand has a blue or white theme, then you can put your logos or brand name on a contrasting background. Therefore, it will help your brand and logo separate from the white back ground of Facebook.


Depend on your customers; you can choose pictures or create videos that express your character or the character of customers who used your products. This will be a key way to make your contents different from other and hit the right market.

Creative is the key to win in this game of social media marketing - Photo credit: Skley via Foter.com / CC BY-ND
To change the feeling and avoid duplicated pictures, you can add some other characteristics as experience too, such as humor; it normally works for all type of customers.
If you can achieve to add humor in your pictures or videos, it could be easy to become viral, and the effect will be much better.


Like it or not, you have to admit that pictures play a huge part in the war of social media. It’s easy to take a picture but how to make it better and impress your target customers will be another story. There are many ways to enhance your marketing campaign so be creative and try to distinguish with others. Hopefully, with this article, you can learn some helpful way and give you more ideas to create your own contents.