Your Profile Pics Gain More Attention Than Your Cover Photo

We know this: The first impression determines all, and each of us only gets one chance to make it great in the eyes of others. Your attractiveness and the way you’re speaking can successfully camouflage your mistakes and other imperfection. In the online world where the first impression is created with your face through the profile picture, it is indeed true.

Not Cover Photo, But Profile Picture Helps Your Business

You might disagree with this, especially when Facebook cover photos are what we usually think of first as it comes to the first impression.

If noticing closely, you will see how the cover photo comes up at the top of your Timeline. When a Facebook user lands on your page, and you’d like them to find out who you are and what you do in 3 seconds, then a cover photo will be the first thing not to look away.

However, today we’re going to point out the strongest reasons why not your cover photo, but your profile picture actually helps the business. Everyone wants to own a highly effective Facebook page, but still, have no idea which elements make up a great Facebook page. While there are a large number of strategic elements that can help to contribute to the success of a business Facebook page, I must say that your profile picture is the most talked factor today.

While your cover photo offers others the first impression, then your profile picture is definitely the one they’ll see the most. If they’re not coming to visit your timeline, then they can see your profile photo on news feed, instead. Thus, in any social media marketing campaign, you need to put the best face forward to “wow” your potential clients, partners, and employers with a professional picture of you in the industry.

Besides, the leading thing you must bear in mind is that first impressions are everything, especially on the Internet. It takes only seconds for you to make that impression before your client size you up and go on. So why is your profile picture more awesome than your cover photo? It’s because it shows up in:

  • The new feeds of your followers
  • Posts on the timeline of your page
  • Replies in Facebook comments
  • Comments and posts when making on other facebook pages while using your page
  • Over your cover photo on the timeline
Since your followers’ news feed brings the highest visibility for a profile picture, so why don’t you design that profile pic for that area? Now follow our best advice on how to get your business Facebook page’s profile picture optimized - so you’re able to make the best possible first impression on the clients.

How To Optimize Your Facebook Profile Pic?

Let’s take a fresh look at one of your best friends’ Facebook profiles and then get back to yours. Friends usually Like, Share, and even Comment on a photo of pet, breathtaking landscape, or a perfect portrait of you. Make sure the picture as awesome as possible to gain more attention. Just a few basic steps, your expressions appear more natural and the position of your body would look more flattering. If taking pictures, feel free to finish it off with digital editing to enhance the overall look.

Once changing the Profile picture, that photo will be added to the Timeline automatically and shown to all your friends on Facebook as a complete post. And the most recent post in your Timeline would also be the Profile Picture.

One of the most important key design difficulties you’re facing when it comes to making a cover design is how these are 2 different graphic elements. Each has a different size and dimension. Remember that the standard profile photo is a square while the cover one is wide. Facebook will display it at 160 x 160 px, but it asks you to upload a Profile photo at least 180 x 180 px because in some sectors of Facebook, the pictures are displayed in the bigger size. So how to make it look good?

In order to have a profile picture of how you normally appear, it needs to emphasize on displaying your traits as they naturally are. When putting on makeup, let’s wear the bright-colored lipstick and ensure the eyebrows to be perfect for expression enhancement. Also, don’t mind taking off sunglasses or anything else that can obscure your good-looking features.

Besides, maintaining a good posture is essential, but standing too straight up can cause you to look stiff and unnatural in a picture. Tilt the body slightly to the side, and then leaning the head forward. Doing so will make you look more relaxed than ever! Last but not least, pay attention to the picture’s color when it’s too dark, make sure to use a photo editing software to enhance the brightness. Note that if pushing things too far, then you might appear unnatural.

Tips for a strong profile pic

       - Avail a logo if you’ve got one
       - Do not make use of headshot if it’s your business Facebook page or brand
       - Do not change your profile pic often since “consistency” is the key winning the game
       - Utilize the image that is widely recognized on all of the social platforms
       - Stop using stock photos and ensure the image to be square

Another great thing you’re properly not aware of: Facebook launched its mobile profile options for some lucky users. If being among them, then it means you get to own the GIF-like looping video pictures. However, it’s available for iOS only, so the Android users must sit tight longer.

If you want to go check your profile, then hit “More” tab, choose your name to be taken to the profile. Tap the picture, and then the menu will show up, you’ll see the option “Take a New Profile Video” or it says “coming soon”. Go ahead and record your video to use for your Profile, or basically upload the one already taken.

Now go for it! No matter if you’ve got a strong background in graphic design and arts or not, making the profile pic look good as much as possible is what you should do first to raise your business brand online.