GetResponse: Best Email Marketing Software of 2018

Do you plan to create an email campaign? GetResponse is best email marketing software you can’t miss to build your brands and advertise your products.

Just like what we always say, do not take the advertised word for it, but listen to what all the buzz is really about! GetResponse is one of the most superior services as compared to any other email marketing software. The UI of its is not just great, super fast but also facile to set things up. For any startup owner, GetResponse is such a great help for your email campaigns.

GetResponse - The Unique Marketing and Tracking Solution

Marketing is a dispensable part of any certain business, and email is a promising way for any business owner to successfully reach new and potential customers. No matter if you’re going to promote the event, selling products/services, the email marketing software GetResponse can help all!
By starting at $15 a month, GetResponse provides the users with the ultra-flexible and effective plans, various extra features, and an utterly generous 30-day free trial.

GetResponse: Best Email Marketing Software of 2017

For many users, after trying out that free trial, they can access to 1,000 contacts without needing to use a credit card. So without a doubt, GetResponse is an appealing email marketing software, thanks to its budget-friendly price and additional features.

As compared to other solutions, this one makes a good choice for completely new beginners of email marketing services. But, in fact, GetResponse still lack a few editing features that should arrive typically with most email marketing software you’ve ever used.

Aside from its helpful tracking statistics of the emails you send, like whether the email gets opened or forward to the third party or not, GetResponse is able to track your clients’ purchasing behavior. This nature really helps several business owners by tailoring their emails blast to their subscribers - the clients will approach what they need and make your business the most profit!

For this reason, the best email marketing software this year, GetResponse is surely the most reliable companion for you whenever you want to send an email/newsletter to your own readers depending on the industry you’re currently in.

Let’s Talk About GetResponse Features & Pricing!

GetResponse allows you to freely select to create a specific email or newsletter by availing the HTML or basically use one of the hundreds of templates offered by this outstanding email marketing software. Furthermore, the user can freely get access to over 1,000 stock images to add high interest to your own emails and newsletters.

Though GetResponse is properly easy to use, it’s short of the typical customization we usually saw with the email marketing services. Besides, only very few font styles you can use from it in case you’re interested!

But people also can’t deny its great capability of providing a great abundance of plans. The cheapest is the $15 for your monthly email option, which enables you to get in touch with more than 1,000 subscribers. By scaling up to the maximum of $450 per month, you can access to 100,000 contacts as a whole.

Each of the plans can be accessed on a month-to-month basis; if you love to register for a yearly contract, the price will drop down 18% for the tiers. When pre-paying for 2 years of services, you’ll be able to earn 30% discount, but note that there will be no such a discount for your yearly sign-ups.

A pro plan of this must-try email marketing software typically begins at $49 for a month for 5,000 subscribers and goes with an unrestricted webinars feature and other landing pages as well as the advanced marketing automation. We get to experience the specialized enterprise and non-profit schemes available, too.

Additionally, GetResponse does not deliver funds for any account that is already canceled, so it’s worth to try at last on a month-to-month basis until you determine whether the service actually suits you or not!

Create your own email campaign with GetResponse 

This email marketing software provides you with 2 specific tools ideally made for making up the campaigns: The Email Creator Tool that has templates and one HTML tool. It’s the second one is so helpful for anyone who feels comfy delivering their codes.

By using the Email Creator Tool, you’re more likely to begin from scratch or avail one of the countless supplied templates. It’s possible to preview the newsletter on a desktop or in a great number of other browsers as well as your mobile device.

After doing that, you can get a spam score - it’s really helpful when you accidentally avails some terms that the email flag as suspicious. Just deliver your newsletter at once and don’t miss scheduling later, or take advantage of the Time Travel to send it to the specific recipients depending on their local time.

For example, your subscriber can receive the newsletter at the 9am local time without needing to care for their time zone. Also, the email marketing software GetResponse owns the Perfect Timing feature that possibly predicts the optimal time of the day for you to send emails to the other subscribers and offer it automatically at that time.

GetResponse owns a simple tracking tool

We’re happy to know that GetResponse email marketing software allows the users to fully track all of the campaigns on only one page. This will display the superior materials such as how many contacts received your email and how many already opened it.

With its simple tracking feature, consisting of Google Analytics (GA) integration, you now can target the right or specific clients and their segments. However, the tool here might not have a refresh button so we need to refresh the browser to get the report updated.

Another familiar function you can enjoy from this cool email marketing software is the ability to receive reports sent to the inbox, which comes in handy. Back to the year of 2014, we just can’t afford to view the details of the subscriber but, this moment, it’s so easy to locate the contact details, a full history of campaigns they get as well as whether your customers opened or clicked on the emails.

Since GetResponse might not top the list of the best email marketing services, it’s still a worth-to-try email marketing software for new marketers due to its nice approach to their marketing campaigns. So if you’ve come across any email delivery or the image editing issue, GetResponse is such a great introduction to your industry.