How to link domain names purchased at GoDaddy on Blogspot

It is not difficult to link your domain names from the GODADDY on the Blogspot if you know the trick. I have received many questions like this question, so I have decided to share how to link the domain name which you have purchased at GODADDY on Blogspot. Here are a few steps to begin your task.

How to link domain names purchased at GoDaddy on Blogspot

Step 1: You should access and create a blog that is similar to domain name to prepare pointers. Here, I have made a blog like this: is an example.

Step 2:  Go to Settings ==> Basics ==> Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog and do the following:

Step 3: You should enter the domain that you want to link to the advanced settings like the image below and then save it. Do not forget to fill www to complete your domain name. Press the Save button.

When you have already pressed the Save button, the information will be displayed in this picture:

Step 4: You log into your GoDaddy domain account or your domain name distributor to proceed to the pointers. Access the DNS to find the CName and copy your attention in the frame above to add to CName as it has been shown below:

Step 5: You add these four IP ranges,,, into the Domain Name System (Host) section as shown below:

Step 6: You turn back to the blog at the section in FIGURE 3 to save, then tick the link to to So, when you do not type“www”, it goes to any other www domain or subdomain of your choice (for example

Step 7: After saving, wait about five minutes to several hours for DNS to have been updated.