MailChimp: Best of 2017’s Email Marketing Services

Which one is the greatest amongst many email marketing services out there? We’ve found it for you - MailChimp or a great friend to freshen your campaigns.

As a digital company, you’ve utilized a great number of email marketing tools through the years. In this article, we’ll share with you the profound review of one of best email marketing services in 2017, based on our experience.

Known as the world’s biggest marketing automation platform, MailChimp never lets its millions of customers disappoint by helping them to reach their clients and grow their business so strong. So no matter if you’re a small or large business owner, who wants an affordable email marketing software, MailChimp can “wow” you every time you use it!

What to know about MailChimp?

It’s a web-based email marketing service owning millions of users in the world. Besides, this application enables the users to freely and comfortably share newsletters on a wide range of social networks and successfully track the client engagements.

MailChimp: Best of 2017’s Email Marketing Services

Another important feature of MailChimp is properly its ability to create the targeted emails - run Facebook advertised  campaigns - automate the followups - track campaign progress amongst other email marketing services. And once thinking of the optimal email marketing solutions, what’s the first ever thing coming up to your mind.

Higher chances are properly the MailChimp or so-called chimp mail It is the best of 2017’s email marketing services we recommend, especially if you’re still new to the email marketing world and only uncertain about whether there’s a few popular app out there. This one is commonly seen as the top banana available in the Cloud-app space, thanks to its easy-to-use nature.

Aside from a host of mailing template options, the MailChimp is also famous for its friendly interface to the user and configurability. On the top of that, there won’t be any monkey jumping around your free version but only its great function of enabling you to send more than 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers every month.

At $10, you’re able to send an unrestricted number of email campaigns to the maximum of 500 contacts while with $5, you get to access to more subscribers.

Amongst other email marketing services, MailChimp’s payment plans are evaluated to be very flexible when letting the users to send more amazing emails to a large number of receivers with a much better personalization.

How to choose the right one amongst numerous marketing options? 

While you feel satisfied with MailChimp as it’s the best of all email marketing services, we’ve still got many options for your marketing campaigns.

We can’t deny that this one is the common industry favorite, but in fact, there are a lot of others that also have gained prominence at the same time. Bear in mind a few important things when choosing the right one for your business:

  • Based on your personal demands, techniques, and degree of creativity, it’s time to have a quick glimpse at whether it provides ou both customizable and pre-designed email marketing templates or not
  • Check out the analytics features that every tool delivers. Knowing deeply your open rates, CTRs/click-through rates and then the unsubscribe rates to have your own campaigns optimized.
  • Let’s see if you’re able to pair up your email marketing tool with the Google Analytics URL Builder or not. Doing so can help the user to test whether any banner, link or other calls-to-action really perform better than other email marketing services. Besides, you get to monitor the results from Google Analytics and see how they impact your KPIs. 
  • Take the price into consideration or how often you might use it. The volume of emails, subscribers, and the whole campaign frequency can put a considerable influence on what type of solution you must select.

An In-Depth Look into MailChimp - First Choice for many businesses 

If you ask anyone which one is the first choice for all small businesses, it’s surely the MailChimp since it can deliver a highly generous and free email plan as well as other easy-to-use, straightforward and insightful features. You can hope to avail one of the pre-designed email templates in different ways. Let’s customize it with your favorite colors, add your images, unique logo and other handy social media follow or share icons.

Actually, there are a lot of building blocks allowing to insert into the newsletters or your own email campaigns. These ones are comprised of the normal text, image, or the image going with a caption, cards, video, buttons and much more.

If you like, select the font options that are somewhat limited as it comes to the MailChimp. In other words, you’re unable to use the Google Fonts or the TypeKit fonts at all.

How About Its Mail Campaigns?

MailChimp itself always permits the users to send different kinds of campaigns with a regular plan, plain text campaign, RSS-one and the A/B Testing campaign.

Quite similar to other email marketing services, this one also gives you the option of sending the final welcome email after that person subscribes - it’s a nice way to send them the opt-in offer without charge.

Some other excellent automation characteristics of MailChimp you can’t ignore are available on your paid plans. You’re allowed to send the automated email campaigns as someone tends to participate in the list as a welcome series, right after someone buys anything in your online stop.

It’s easier now to send your personalized emails on a certain subscriber’s birthday, dates and more than that.

MailChimp Pricing 

It’s totally free in case the database has less than 2,000 contacts. And know what? These contacts can let you send more than 12,000 emails per month, offering you the weekly newsletter along with a couple of additional email campaigns.

Not just that, the software provides the paid plans offered as your monthly plan that starts at $10 for approximately 500 subscribers in case you love to use the automation features. On the other hand, once having up to 2,000 subscribers, your paid plan can begin at $30 and then enables you to deliver the unlimited number of emails as desired.

In our conclusion, when compared to other email marketing services, MailChimp is such an efficient tool by offering us the most generous free plan. It brings all business owners a great choice, especially those who can’t afford a big budget at first but still want to grow their email list. So make sure to choose your right software based on your needed features and the budget you have.