Purchase Domain Name At NameChap (Updated In 2017)

As NameChap is one of the most popular domain name service companies around the world, most of my websites are registered at NameChap as it is convenient, reliable and affordable, so I decide to use this service company.
In this article, I will share how to buy a domain name at NameChap for those who want to use this service. Here are simple steps to buy a domain name and how to register your domain name at NameChap.

First of all, you click on this link

Then, you type the domain name that you want to buy, I would like to buy this domain name fbza.net to check it is available or not.

As fbza.net has already registered, I have to buy another domain name - fbza.me. Once you decide your real domain name, you should click on the cart.

In the next step, you need to adjust some basic custom such as the number of years, the hidden domain information, etc. You will be concealed domain information in the first year and you will pay $2.88 in the next renewal year.

If you have a Promo Code, press the Confirm Order button to continue. Then, you need to register your account (it is not complicated to fill in your information). When completing the information, you click the Creat Account and Continue button.

As there are many forms of payment such as Visa, Master Card, PayPal, you enable to choose one of the forms are supported. (I have already chosen PayPal).

Register your account at PayPal and click the Continue button.

After completing the payment, it will automatically transfer you to the NameCheap management page.

Here, you are accessing on the homepage of the NameChap. The page has a simple theme with friendly-feature for users.

Now, you have completed the registration. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to send email to me or contact me on the Facebook Page.