The newest changes in FB calculation that can affect you

In G8 Conference, CEO of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook was updating the latest technology to support the users about the ability to share everything which they want to. G8 Conference is an annual FB meeting that is held in Mc.Energy Convention Center, San Jose, California to announce the newest changes to Facebook. Here are the latest changes in FB calculation that you may come across.

“Like” button does not mean you interact with other people regularly

In the past, you clicked one post, and other posts of someone appeared in your news feed automatically. But now, if you want to follow the content or the posts of someone or any page and groups, you need to comment, share or click other emoji like “the heart,” “ha ha,” etc. Therefore, the number of reaching the audiences of groups and pages in FB quickly decrease.

Get the multi - tracking feature in FB analytics

Before getting the advertisement in FB page, you could study some key metrics in FB analytics as this is a helpful channel to choose the campaign wisely in the digital world.
FB Analytics feature has several databases like the respond of the customers, the number of buyers, etc. through many digital channels – websites, FB page, FB messenger program, and apps. Hence, you do not waste much time to find and gather databases to improve your digital marketing plan.

If you decide to sell the product in the retail filed through omnichannel, then you would have the statistic table from FB analytics about the insights, the engagement, customer behavior and so on in FB, websites, and apps. On the one hand, you will estimate the ROI rate as well.

Play games in the FB Messenger

Users can play games directly in the FB Messenger without downloading other apps. This new change will help enterprises have another channel to reach your potential customers. Furthermore, you could create new games in FB Messenger and build your brand image by doing this way.

Enjoyable reactions of the video feature in FB messenger

It is boring to open the video feature in FB messenger and talk to your friends simply. As the new change, you could chat and talk to your friends and poke them by using funny emoji and reactions. Also, you might open the conceal mask when you move your smart devices.

Reduce the fake news by checking the advertisement that transfer to bad websites

Because there are tons of fake news and the spams appear in FB as well as these contents could connect to bad websites. FB will check the content and other news carefully before the information display in the newsfeed and other media channels. Therefore, you should make your content correctly before launching in the media channels, and it might involve your websites as well.

Using the remarketing method through the Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads will increase the ratio of clicking (34%), and it will cut down the amount of purchasing in every time (38%), according to the report of HONEST COMPANY. Thus, FB will prefer to approve the Dynamic Ads than Static Ads.

On the flip side, FB will improve the remarketing method through the Dynamic Ads through the history of the customer behavior in the history of the customer browsing. A customer has already reviewed one product in the post and FB would update the product automatically. The product in the post will display in the Dynamic Ads to that customer or similar customers, for instance.

Register the topic authority in the newsfeed

You could choose the topic that you might want to read and follow in your newsfeed. Then, the content from other pages, groups or your FB friends will show in your newsfeed all of the time. If you are interested in cooking, you could select the cooking topics and the cooking information will appear in your newsfeed.

Answer questions when taking part in an FB group

Before participating in one group, you need to answer some questions which are related to the information of that group to approve from an administrator. This new feature will help you avoid the software from the spam join group and other fake accounts.

As the group administrator, you do not waste time to ban fake accounts, and you could keep real accounts in your group. Hence, you will have the opportunity to manage the quality of postings and build a great team.

Connect to your news feed anywhere in the world

Even though your location does not have Wi – Fi smoothly, you would access FB through the “find Wi – Fi” tool. You need to take the FB app, click some tabs to find this tool to connect FB. Moreover, you can find the hotspots from the map and read the details clearly about the organizers offering Wi – Fi.


Whether you are a normal user, you should understand these latest changes about the features to have a smooth usage. As a digital marketer, you need to update the changes to FB calculation to reach the audiences as well as your possible buyers in the market to boost your revenues.