The Review of Namecheap and GODADDY - The Domain Registrar Showdown

If you are not sure GODADDY and Namecheap to register your domain name, then this review will support you find out more details. We hope that you will have an overview information about these service companies before subscribing.

An overview of GODADDY and Namecheap

Because you do not have much time to do some small task, so your domain registrar company should offer an easy usage. It means that manage your domain name should not absorb a huge amount of your time during a working day.


Namecheap is accredited by ICANN since it was found in 2000, this company has supplied over four million domain names to clients around the world. The main business of Namecheap is domain registry services; they offer extra services including web hosting, email hosting, security and cloud-based services as well.

The Review of Namecheap and GODADDY - The Domain Registrar Showdown

In general, the check-out process of the Namecheap is fast, smooth and continuous. The process is not complicated, and Namecheap does not have tons of upselling tactics to disturb your task.
Additionally, Namecheap offers an incredible search engine tool for main name suggestions. When you enter the site, you will not pay attention to the bells and whistles like other bigger companies. Although they do not have telephone support services, they have a rapid live chat feature.


When looking for the size and the market domination, GODADDY is the biggest domain registrar. The fact is, they have more than 30 percent of market share in this market.

On the one hand, they have provided over 59 million domain names registered worldwide. They also have other services to serve like email aliases, online marketing tools, search engine optimization, privacy protection and subdomains.

When accessing the site, you will feel attractive in its theme as it has a colorful background. They also have various offerings for clients. Nonetheless, activities might interrupt you while using.

With each of your click, you will have many upsells that come in advertising for a different promotion. So, if you want to finish the registration process promptly, these upsells could stop your process.

Telephone and live chat support are always available with GODADDY. These features are amazing if you get an issue and you need to have a solution.

The price tag comparison

Both firms provide plenty of advertisement promotion codes that are suitable for many websites on the Internet.

Because they serve tons of services to patrons, it is not easy to compare the price tag of each service. We will compare the price tag of the domain names in one-year renewal only for you to consider this criterion. With the Namecheap, they have $10.69 to buy a domain name (.com) each year. For the GODADDY, they cost $11.99 to buy a domain name (.com) each year.

The benefits and drawbacks

Please keep in mind that the perfect domain registrar does not exist for an extended period, so each of them always has the advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of using Namecheap
  • High-quality in service and security
  • ICANN accreditation
  • Ease of transferring
  • Less upsell tactics
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable (in price for all services)
Drawbacks of using Namecheap
  • Renewal glitches stable
  • Waste of time on other services exploring
  • Hard of using the website
Benefits of using GODADDY
  • ICANN accreditation
  • The largest domain name registrar service brand
  • Ease of using the website
  • Good customer service
  • Extra services with GODADDYPRO
Drawbacks of using GODADDY
  • Annoyance of the check-out process
  • Different domain manager in the window and other features
  • Domain transfer process tough
  • Too many extras of upselling
  • Slow customer service speed
  • Annoyance of pop-up specials
  • Personal touches unavailable

DNS management window

DNS management interface is another part to help you make several changes. You should have the DNS changes regularly in each year. This is not a tough task if you have a technology manager to support. If not, you should find a good outsourced agency.

Because you might have to redirect your DNS to your web host, arrange some subdomains and establish emails associated with your domain. One thing to keep in mind is, your DNS management window should be user-friendly.

DNS management interface of Namecheap:

Streamlined DNS management window is a main interface of Namecheap. So, it does not have clutter and annoyance upsell offers. The layout is direct, and it also reduces the using time to help you register and make changes rapidly.

DNS management interface of GODADDY:

The GODADDY interface probably make some annoyance for users while using because the window has more clutter with extra features that are not vital for user experience like upselling subscriptions.

Domain name additions

In fact, it is popular for domain registrars to give additional services which are included in your subscription price. In other words, these companies need to have extras to differentiate their services and compete with other rivals in the domain registry market.

Additional services of Namecheap

  • Free of charge on email forwarding services
  • Secure DNS
  • Whole privacy feature bunch
  • Free of charge of the customer name servers

Additional services of GODADDY

  • Charge extra fee on the customer name servers
  • Provide a limited free-of-charge service like the hosted package and photo storage
  • Charge WHOIS guard fee
  • Limit DNS security

Upsell strategies of Namecheap and GODADDY

Once the Internet technology has improved, the need for related services also has developed for 20 years.

It is not uncommon for Namecheap and GODADDY to offer clients with the opportunity to get benefits from other suggestions as for the Internet’s continual growth. In fact, this tactic is a great service for patrons and a potential marketing chance for all of the domain registrars.

GODADDY website has developed upsell tactics gradually; however, this point is also an effective side for GODADDY as they disturb customers to undertake the registration by extra services.

Both of Namecheap and GODADDY also have the same packages for hosting and storage as well. SSL packages are one of the most common upsells that you can see in these registrars.


In this review, we just support you to know the comparison between Namecheap and GODADDY as they are popular registrars on the market. We could not assume Namecheap or GODADDY is the best domain registrar because this point of view depends on your needs. Both of them has unique features with a competitive price tag.