Things To Do With A Brand New FB Page

You decide to have an FB page for your firm, and the page has already been created. To develop the page, you could think of boosting the engagement and control the traffic. Please keep in mind that audiences always want to try and get new experience, so you also should prepare your tasks carefully beforehand. Are you ready to begin the journey?

Introduce your FB page to everyone

This is a simple fundamental step to let others know your page. Put the URL in your email signature, your card visit, your blog, and anywhere your clients enable to see it all the time.

On the one hand, you can send an email to your patrons and other emails in your list to introduce your page. You should make an attractive content in your emails to encourage them to view and click “Like” button in your page instantly.

When they “like”, you will have the opportunity to appear in their news feeds, reach and interact with them naturally. This is a tremendous chance to appeal their friends to pay attention to your page if you promote the postings on the page.

How could your clients find your FB page?

To let them know your page, you should have a signal to help them find you in the digital world. Make an active symbol which connects to your page through your websites and your blogs.

Furthermore, you could find other websites and blogs that have many audiences to discuss to administrators to make a short article on your page.

You also try to use Tell Your Fans feature to get a contact list from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. when you are beginning you want to let users know your page has appeared.

Do not miss out your families and friends

Your families and friends are one of the most eager audiences who you do not forget to share your page. They might want to show your page to other friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, you should get your business page in your profile information and share the page to all of your friends and family members.

Improve your new FB page in a high level

Once getting fixed fans, you need to get your page at higher levels. In other words, it is the time to expand your audiences, and this is the foundation factor in developing the page for a while.

To do this, you should prepare plans to promote the page as well as link other social networks to FB page. Add the URL to your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn account and your YouTube videos. You do not know the number of users exactly in these social networks.

Undertake conventional approaches

In spite of boosting your page via the Internet, you also need to apply other traditional approaches to catch more any more potential customers.

Apply your page in visible materials which your customers could see and realize whether these are business cards, brochures, posters, billboards, menus, flyers, etc.

You will raise more fans and specific audiences to watch your videos, postings, images, and they might want to attend your events by using those conventional methods.

Use “check – in” feature

You might assume that check – in and other reaction features do not work on your page. If you agree on this point, then you would reconsider some simple features. For “check – in” feature, your customers are helping you to introduce the page to others. With other reaction features, you will have more information about your audiences – their hobbies, their emotion, their behaviors, etc.

Think of SEO and Google Adwords

What are you selling? Selling shoes are a little different from bags, and performing SEO and Google Adwords are also dissimilar.

Once you understand your product or service clearly, you enable to find specific keywords to appeal more patrons through SEO and Google Adwords.

On the flip side, you totally could use supporting tools or agencies to look up and analyze many keywords, but you should filter those keywords accurately due to well – understanding.

Promote FB ads

If your budget is strong enough, you will attempt the FB ads option to reach other fans and audiences. The right column ads, the desktop, and mobile news feed ads, the video ads, the cover photo ads, the event ads, the retargeting ads, the offer ads – these are core formats on the FB ads platforms.

Moreover, you should estimate the budget in each FB ads format which you are boosting and set the time to run them. After finishing the campaign, you might want to check the engagement and do a report to control the influence of FB ads on your page.


There are several ways to grab your audiences and your customers from your page. However, you should consider those approaches precisely before applying a solution. You also try to use all of the methods to test the results by learning the FB key metrics and decide to keep up some suitable approaches.