10 hidden features on FB that can help your FB page get more views and followers

Introduction: Every week or every month of the year, any social network has updated their new features to keep current audiences and invite new fans. We can see that Facebook is one the most active social networks that have always updated new features and renew its operating structures. The Facebook staff also publishes a lot of new functions that help you build and maintain your business fan page, as well as serve all of your marketing purposes.

However, one thing you and I must have known clearly that these features are not publicly open to us. They are the hidden features, and as a result, the deepest secrets are the secrets which wake our sense of curiousness up. For the social media managers and marketers, these features help them a lot in promoting their products as well as appealing customers.

That’s the reason why it is significant for us to share all of these useful Facebook marketing managements and hacks. They are fun and exciting so that you can try them today for the new experiences!

Save posts for later

How to save posts for further reading
This is a handy tool for the Facebook users. When you come across an interesting article, but you have no time to read it, you can save the post for later watching. You can apply this feature to links, videos, events or the posts published by friends, pages, and photos. Especially, as you see an advertisement of your favorite product and want to keep them to introduce to other people, this saving feature helps a lot.

If there is anything you want to save for later watching, click the tiny arrow on the right of the post, click “save post/video.” Your saved posts will be listed in the left list with the red icon called “Saved.” Whenever you want to open and watch them, click the red icon and you’ll see everything you have saved.

Page Insights

Page Insights let you know everything essential
Why do you need to use Page Insights?

That’s because you can make use of this feature to understand thoroughly about the interactive level between your audiences and page. With Page Insight, you can:

  - See all the information about page’s activities
  - Know which post is the most interactive
  - Choose the time when most audiences access to your page.

To reach the Page Insight feature, click “Insights” in the screen of page management, then click “Pages to watch” and add the pages you like in the list.

In this article, I would like to introduce about the “Pages to Watch” feature that belongs to Page Insight. This great tool is the best way to catch up with the most active pages you like. Facebook offers a detailed view of your page’s post of the existing walk. For this reason, you can check the top posts from every page you follow in a second.

Edit your ad preferences

Manage your ads you want to watch
Have you ever realized some irrelevant advertisements kept appearing in your feed? For a while, I think it is normal until it just keep happening for over a month and I feel very annoyed. Now I know what the problems come from and how to solve this situation. Let’s get started with the ads you have no interest.

Facebook page supports people’s business in a right way by offering marketers the comprehensive information on customers’ interests. Facebook can do this by relying on the things – usually personalities and celebrities you have liked or followed. Nevertheless, if there’s something out of your regular media feed, you are capable of adjusting your ad experience.

To perform this request, go to Setting > Ads > hit “Your interests.” You can delete eternally an interest by clicking delete. Under the tab “Advertisements you’ve interacted with,” you can add or remove one if you don’t want them to appear in your feed again. With the “Hide ads topic” tab, you can eliminate the ads which are relevant to alcohol or adult contents. However, this function is at the time of testing.

Conclusion: These are useful marketing options and hacks for everyone who runs Facebook page as their business. Although they are little-known features, it is not difficult to carry out. Follow some easy steps, and you will explore all the hidden secrets of Facebook. I hope you can use these features accurately and helpfully.