Does FB Marketing Still Work In 2017 And Later?

Facebook is one of the most popular media funnels for most of the marketers, especially in the digital marketing industry. As FB has a huge number of user around the world to appeal more enterprises and organizers to decide to choose FB is an online marketing tool in many years. FB ads have several features which marketers could reach the potential audiences through selecting your targets in the posts.
Today, FB has reached a brand awareness; technology capability as well as user faithfulness like Google or Apple. To keep the position in the golden top about the technology industry, FB needs to innovate and upgrade their streams regularly. The question is “will FB marketing still work in the upcoming time?”

Be a searching tool

FB has already launched a new feature which competes Google and Bing in the searching filed. With the Instant Articles, you can publish their articles in FB directly instead of transferring their outside websites. Furthermore, FB also has discharged another app which supports the users to write their status and finding an exact link in the status.

Fb will be a new rival of Google and Bing in the searching field if those new features are grown. Marketers will not only to push their content in FB, but they will also have the opportunity to improve the searching ability if they take their articles in the right searching algorithms of FB.

Oculus Rift - a new virtual technology

FB has already made Oculus Rift – a new virtual technology since 2015. The appearance of Oculus Rift pointed out that FB prepares a plan to develop a new technology innovation in next few decades.

Although Oculus Rift is not a popular virtual technology in this time, this is an evidence of changing the modern infrastructure technology in our world. We will get the experience about the visual technology on the FB through getting the images, videos, and content in the forthcoming time.

Enhance the main audiences

FB still updates the advertising feature to support the digital marketer to reach more potential audiences when they need to advertise. You will also have the opportunity to try out new kinds of advertisements to reach the users.

The user databases of FB will continue to expand more enlightened and focus on the main audiences. It means that you will have the chance to stretch out the possible buyers and boosting the ROI rate through increasing the marketing overview to select the right decision.

Use the private message feature

FB allows administrators of the pages enable to send and receive private messages for main users directly. This feature is a tremendous method to improve the customer - care task for every enterprise. Moreover, it would become a new standard of communicating between the company and the customer which they should not miss out.

Increase the shopping choice

FB has also put a “buy” button and having other shopping choices, so users can make a purchase through using FB. Moreover, various businesses enable to use FB as another tool to sell their products or services.

Shopping online in FB will become an e – commerce website like eBay, Amazon, Este and other websites in the upcoming time.

Hence, FB will become your online purse as you could buy and send the present to your family members and friends.

Decrease the organic engagement

FB has already decreased the organic engagement of the posts from the firm and the brand. Therefore, this feature could reduce the organic grass in the news feeds with many crowded postings from rivals.

On the flip side, a reduction of the organic engagement channels enables to help several enterprises catch the advertisement structure and boost the sale revenues.

Select the social influencer

Experts and celebrities are becoming the amazing influencers for many brands in the digital world. Today, several enterprises study and choose one liable expert or a celebrity to help the brand polish the image and boost the brand awareness in the customer mind. Nonetheless, you should understand the impact of choosing this marketing approach, the influences of these famous people as well as your brands in the FB.

Online videos

You watch many kinds of videos in FB as FB has opened this feature to allow the users update their videos on their walls or their pages. Like YouTube, FB will check the content of your videos before approving the videos in the news feeds. Also, you could run your videos to appeal more specific audience as well potential patrons.

Create your stories in the FB Messenger

Now, you do not only use the FB Messenger to chat and talk with your friends, but also share your videos, your images, and your stories with them. On the other hand, you could edit and change your product by revising, drawing and filter in the FB Messenger before publishing.

Communicate to your customers in the FB Messenger to sell a product or a service

FB Messenger is also a sale – closed tool for you to deal with the patrons when appealing your products or services.

Instead of using the telephone or sending emails, you and your customers enable to discuss the product immediately even if both of you do not live in the same place.

As a digital marketer, you could display the products or services in the FB Messenger and deal with the patrons promptly when catching the right audiences by videos, images and the content.

Facebook Livestream technology

The Facebook Livestream technology is very popular for most of us, no matter you are a digital marketer or not. When we want to share the latest moments or circumstances, we take a smartphone and save an event. Then, we might want to share it with everyone in the world, starting the FB live technology could become an incredible tool.


It is quite soon to conclude the results of those features in a few years because every trend needs to take much time to perform. However, FB will also innovate, attempt and upgrade new features to support the users to have many experiences and challenge other rivals in the market.