GoDaddy Encourages Domain Investment Right on The Home Page

Meta: GoDaddy has started to make a big move by encouraging investors to put their domain name on the home page.

Recently, GoDaddy has tried to encourage all their customers, like the investors in all sites, to stick their domain name up on the home page. This was by far an influencing move and fresh news to every investor. Here in this article, I want to clarify some main points. First, let’s look at how we can define a “domain”.

What is a domain? 

The common domain names such as .com, .org, .gov…
A domain is a string of letters in an alphabet that is arranged like a proper name and with or without meaning. The domain name used to identify the Internet address (IP) of a server consists of strings of characters separated by periods.

Basic characteristics of a domain name

  • The domain name is unique and is issued to any subscribers.
  • Domain names must have names and suffixes (com, net, org, vn, us, ..).
  • The domain name must not exceed 63 characters (including .com, .net, .org, .info).
Domain names consist only of alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9), and a minus sign (-). The whitespace and other special characters are invalid.
  • Do not start or end the domain with (-).
  • Your domain does not need to start with http: // or www or http: // www.

Some popular domain extensions

  • .com is the abbreviation of the word "commercial", meaning commercial, is the most popular domain name extensions in the world today. Most businesses want to own a domain name because it affirms the high position of the business on the Internet.
  • .net stands for "network," meaning the network, commonly used by Internet service providers, website companies, and other organizations that directly connect to the infrastructure. Internet. In addition, companies often choose .net domain names for websites on the intranet.
  • .org: stands for "organization," which means an organization, which is often used by nonprofits and commercial affiliates.
  • .Biz: commonly used for small websites, eCommerce sites of some small stores, web entertainment for music, movies ...
The acronym for "infomation", meaning information, is often named for "reputable" resource sites and is a sign of a website resource. This is also the most popular extension for .com, .net, and .org domains
  • .gov: domain names for government organizations.
  • .edu: domain name for educational institutions, schools ...
  • And the national domain name (.vn, ...) is often trusted by people in the country than the international domain name (.com, .net, .org ...).

New domain names appear

New domain extensions in 2017
  • .tv: for media companies, television stations
  • .mobi: for telecommunication companies, mobile device manufacturing companies ...
  • .name: is a special type of domain that is only used by individuals. It is often used to get people to remember someone's email address or personal website, and often presents personal images or personal information about the person.
  • .asia: for customers, organizations in Asia
  • .txt: domain names under the sovereignty of Tokelau. As a domain name that allows free registration, previously, users can only use the function redirect this domain to their blog/website only. Recently, has given users a DNS function to add this domain to their own website.
  • .mp: is the top level country domain (ccTLD) of the Northern Mariana Islands. While there are a few pages related to the Northern Mariana Islands (such as the government page under and a few pages in and

GoDaddy’s big move

Now, investors can invest their domain names on the home page
After understanding the concept “domain” and some of its relevant information, I should go back to the news has been released by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has just made a move to encourage domain investment with a small change right on the home page.

Now when you go to GoDaddy, the most prominent feature you will see is the top domain names that were traded in the last quarter through the GoDaddy Auctions.

The “More Learn” button directs users to the Domain Name Investor Information page, quarterly auctioned domain names, related news, Q & A domain names, and more.

$ 39,300, the price of the domain has been successfully auctioned on GoDaddy Auctions - the largest value this quarter. An effective way to arouse entrepreneurial passion.

The big companies have a great influence, with this information GoDaddy can change the way people think about domain names and about the value of the domain.

Recently, this provider also launched the video on YouTube, introducing the basic concepts of a domain name, hosting, investment ... there is always subtitles.

Perhaps, it is worth investing in GoDaddy as well as trusting it. Let’s invest today to see how profitable it is.