How To Install Instant Articles

Instant Article is a new feature of Facebook, allowing users to surf faster, more interactively. If you do not know how to install Instant Article, this article is for you.

# 1 Sign up for Instant Article

Sign up for Instant Article here. Each time you register, you are allowed to select a Page to start using Instant Article. You cannot register in the case of previously registered Page, or Page not yet published.
Choose the Page you want to install Instant Articles

And you have to click to agree to the terms of the Instant Article before you start.

# 2 Get familiar with Instant Article

There are two parts you need to pay attention: Initial Setup and Tools.
Once started, you will be directed to the Instant Article Settings section.

In case you have previously registered an Instant Article, you can access the installation by clicking Publish Tools >> Instant Article >> Configuration.

# 3 Re-read your Facebook article on Instant Article

Facebook provides you with the most common knowledge about Instant Articles in Documentation and step-by-step instructions in the Quickstart Guide. If you use English fluently, refer to the above 2 pages, otherwise just follow up this article is enough.

# 4 URL Authentication

Validate your URL is necessary
The first thing to do when installing Instant Article is to validate the URL. You can do this by adding the code that Facebook provides in the middle of the tag in your website's source code, and filling in your website URL into the URL box.

After having completed, you will receive a confirmation message from Facebook and you can add other URLs.

You will receive a message from Facebook when you finish

# 5 Install RSS Feed

RSS Feed installation 
To automatically post articles to Instant Article, you must install RSS Feed. You can use the default RSS feeds of the website or RSS feeds of Facebook standards (only used during testing).

If you use the WordPress version running on the user server (self-installing WordPress)

- You need to install the plugin to get the content and RSS Feed optimized for Instant Article. You can also use the plugin developed by the WordPress and Facebook or PageFrog Plugin.

Here, FBZA uses Facebook’s FB Instant Articles Plugin. Your default RSS Feed Instant Articles path will be:

http: //domain-address/feed/ instant-articles

Here is FBZA RSS feed.

If you use the Drupal source code

- You can see the Facebook guide for Drupal source users here.

If you use Hosted Platform

- Hosted Platform includes Blogspot,, Tumblr, Google Sites… and similar sites. Currently, these hosted platforms are not yet supported for Instant Article.

If you use the site to intervene in the source code

- You can refer to the Facebook guide for websites that allow code interference here.

Some other ways to post Instant Article

- You can learn more about other ways to post Instant Articles, such as creating RSS feeds, APIs, or tools provided by third parties.

# 6 Make Money From Advertising With Instant Article

You can set this mode in the Audience Network
Open the mode “Audience Network” to make advertise

# 7 Instant Article Design

You can choose a template or create your own templates for Instant Article. The design is the "face" of Instant Article.

Create your own template for Instant Articles

# 8 Email Notification Settings

If you would like to receive emails about issues arising from the creation and posting of Instant Article, you can customize here:

# 9 Check the whole thing

Once you've finished installing Instant Article, go back to Publishing Tools to see your Instant Articles.

The article management section of Instant Articles

Some error messages will have the "Warning" symbol next to it.

Please click on the icon to know what error.

Orange color is a bug that needs fixing
You can fix these errors right on Publishing Tools, or you have to edit the original post on your website, as it directly relates to the people who visit your website.

Be sure to check all the errors carefully, because “a miss is as good as a mile.”

# 10 Preview Instant Articles on Facebook Page Application

To preview the Instant Article on the Page application, you can select More (3 dots) >> Instant Article.

Instant Articles by FBZA

If the "face" of Instant Article has not satisfied you, you can go to Page Setting >> Instant Article >> Tools >> Styles on your desktop browser to correct the design right on the Page application. Editing right on your phone will help you to more accurately customize design elements such as logo size, background color, header & footer...

# 11 Send to Facebook for approval

You must have at least 10 articles to submit to Facebook for approval.

Submit for Review is needed for you
If you do not find the "Submit for Review" section, go back to the Tools section. There may be some errors that are ignored or some settings are not complete. Check and fix all. The Submit button only appears when everything is finished.

You must wait 24 - 48 hours for Facebook to review before it is officially published.

#12 If Facebook does not review?

If your content has many errors, you will see this message. However, this message does not always appear, so check it out.

Check carefully to recognize your errors
Facebook will specifically inform you why they did not approve your Instant Article. However, the bad news is that you have to correct all the errors and create at least 10 more articles for the second review. This can cost you many days, hours, even more, months. That is the reason that in part # 9, we have said that the error on the Instant Article is "a miss is as good as a mile".

So, optimize your Instant Article right from the start.

# 13 When Your Instant Article Has Been Reviewed

If you receive this message, congratulations, you have been reviewed by Facebook!

You are completely reviewed by Facebook
Auto-Publish is the automatic mode to turn all posts into Instant Article, you can turn on this mode.

Auto-publish is the automatic mode
And now you can use the Publishing Tool to edit, delete or post Instant Articles.
You can also click on the Insights icon to see the effect of the Instant Article.

To see the effect of Instant Articles, click the Insight icon
Some tools can help you get more experience with Instant Article. For example, the A / B Testing Tool is a useful tool in checking the title of an Instant Article. Facebook Audience Network is a tool to help you monetize your Instant Article ads.

That is, the installation of Instant Article has basically been completed. Wish you could use and profit from this new feature soon!