Content Marketing In 2018: How Write Professionally and Fllow the Trends Successfully

Content marketing is interesting but it requires the writers a lot of things. Will you be good at it? Let’s follow our article!

Content marketing is an intersting field
Content creation is an art - the art of creating content, processing words, images, and motion to convey the message values of a product, of an individual or business.

However, creating a single content is a simple task. It is more difficult than professional content to create a complete content system for the channel, optimize the marketing activities.

In this article, I do not guide how to write content, I will tell you how to share your way to think of professional and systematic content marketing. Then, I will introduce some common content marketing trends in 2018.


Let's go through the questions below. Then you will be able to answer the question "What to write now?"

1. Who will read this article?

That is, what audience is your audience, product, and business? For example: which type of audience: male or female audience, age, occupation and their popular psychology? And what important is: Are they interested in what we are going to show?

For example, if you are writing for men, the article should be simple, straightforward and easy to understand. If you are writing for women, the article must be around the "flattering", it should cause excitement then go into details. If you are writing for the young generation, or the inexperienced people, you can “tug the title”, make shocking title, or welcome an attention-grabbing. If you are writing for the middle-aged or experienced entrepreneurs, the article must show the deep thoughts of writer.

2. What do you write for?

Once you understand your customer, return to your own goal. What do you write for?

There are three common goals when doing content: the first is to appeal customers to order your products, the second is to increase the interaction between your business and customers, the third is to develop your brand stably. In fact, these three purposes may be in the same article, but there is always one main purpose.

3. For what purpose do you intend to write?

Write to appeal your customers to purchase the goods 

The article must solve the client's problem - that is, instead of thinking about how to write an ornate article, you should learn how to write a logical content that directly solves customers’ problems! What is the problem of the customers? How do we help them solve these problems? If you solve these questions well, they will be the simplest way to succeed!

Write to boost the interaction with your customers

You should capture the right tastes and behavior of the customers, then use some psychological tactics such as GIFTS (mini games, giftaway, document shares), TRENDS (write about a movement/ a famous character/ hot events today), the contents that rouses people’s feelings: angry, happy, touching, lovable... At the end of the article, always remember to set Call To Action to appeal interactive actions: like, share, comment, inbox ...

Write to build your brand

Let’s turn your brand into an influential person! This means that you have to give the features of the representative of your brand,  and create a link between "brand personality" - "customer's emotion" - and "value for the community”. In a branding article, you should not talk too much about the physical characteristics of the product!

For example: Is your brand popular or luxurious? Does it suggest a friendly or proud thought for customers? How does it affect its industry and society?

4. Writing the outline

For professional writers, the outline is usually built in the writer's head as a reflex. But if you are not professional enough, try out the layout for your article.

Generally, there will be no right or wrong outline, there is the proper adjustment to achieve the effect. However, there is no shortage of common parts in the basic outline of an article:
  • Title must attract customers to read the article.
  • Conductor (sapo): should be open, it should be a link between title and content in the post.
  • Information: The main content will promote the products, brands, deployment programs.
  • Call to action: Directing the customer to an interactive action that we want.
  • Contact information: for customers to connect easily.
I’ve just shown you some useful tips to make content marketing professionally. But all you need is not just writing well. Content marketing also follows the trends. However, trends are changeable. If we do not catch the trends in time, our efforts of doing content marketing are useless.

Below are the three trends of content marketing in 2018. 

#1 Useful content

Developing content is to share knowledge from a various fields can be either free or cost-effective as well. In the context of content marketing, we often think of blogs, websites, etc. The trends to create content in the form of E-book, Online Video Marketing for the topic of the website is very popular. This is extremely popular abroad. As you can see, some famous bloggers often build a great website and deployed in the form of Content Marketing to make money. Averagely, they can  earn a few thousand dollars (passive income) per month.

In the market place, if you are not an expert in the industry, how to apply it? Everything can start from zero.

There are ways to help you PR for your website quickly. First of all, you should create a new website or blog with impressive content. It must be written by yourself. Then create linking traffic for your site. Moreover, you can create a free e-book to send people and help them submit their email accounts.

#2 Videos are still the most common visual aid

Making video content is the hottest trend that most people discussed in the last time. We also think in the future, this form will continue to grow. Customers tend to prefer viewing rather than reading. As the video content has the following highlights, it can compete with other forms:
  • Videos increase the ability to retain people re-reading your website. It is a powerful aid for doing SEO.
  • The video is more realistic, lively and detailed about the product or service you are introducing. 
Videos can summarize the content compactly and briefly, and they are arranged in a story layout. Posting videos to a website can retain readers for longer time. You should combine video with short subtitles to make the readers easy to understand.

#3 Make your content unique and diversified

Writers have many writing styles, so we should also pay attention to personalization in the construction of Content Marketing. In the midst of a commercially viable forest, your brand may seem small. However, the more personalized, the more unique. It is also a way of doing Content Marketing but the writer should bring their personal characters (subjective views, language uses,...) into the article.

Through this article, I hope you will find the useful knowledge to apply for effective content marketing strategy.