Facebook Will Soon Release Its New Tool - Messenger Broadcast

Messenger Broadcast functions as a tool for businesses to send mass messages to their customers. Let’s see how it works!

Facebook is testing a tool which allows businesses to send many messages simultaneously to all kinds of customers in the list.  As long as people converse their accounts on Messenger, they can receive the same messages via Messenger Broadcast easily. To guarantee this authentic news, the spokesman of Facebook has confirmed it on Tuesday by means of media.

In fact, the new Facebook’s tool works based on the mechanism of The Next Web’s Twitter, which was published by Matt Navarra. Messenger Broadcast appears to be a crossing point of Messenger’s two-week-old Broadcast API.

Last year, Facebook released a donation figure for certain businesses such as news editors, writers, to be able to convey messages to a big amount of people at the same time. Then, earlier this month, the Facebook-owned messaging deal released its Broadcast API for businesses to send messages automatically. However, its limitation is for people who are able to have an open conversation with a business on Messenger. Besides, it’s because not all businesses have a domestic development to pay an outside company to attach their Messenger accounts to Broadcast API. That’s why Messenger Broadcast was born. Indeed, Messenger Broadcast is the Broadcast API that Facebook’s Ad Manager integrates with Ads API.

When mentioning about ads, we are not informed clearly that if businesses would be able to send supported advertising messages through Messenger Broadcast. However, all businesses should be happy because according to the screen shots by Navarra, the messages would be completely free if it was sent by the tool. Similar to Broadcast API, the Messenger Broadcast may be the heir of this free feature.  Although it was said free but the Broadcast API messages must be non-promotional. This was based on the Facebook’s papers for developers.

Messenger Broadcast allows businesses to send mass messages at once, but don’t you worry that you will get spammed. If and when Facebook releases the service officially, it could choose which business to send the supporting advertising messages (sponsored messages) via Messenger Broadcast. Actually, perhaps sponsored messages are a paid version of free mass messages. Nevertheless, both kinds of messages can restrict people who have not contacted with messaged business.

The paid version is considered to be more effective than the other one. It can enable more refined targeting of the message’s approach. On the other hand, by Ads Manager, businesses can purchase sponsored messages. Nonetheless, this is not a stop where Facebook are not able to push up the “Boost This Blast” button course.