How to Build Email List Effectively

Meta Description: Building email list does not have any shortcut to catch it easily. Think again when you are going to drop it for your next marketing campaigns.


It is convenient to buy email marketing list as you just open your budget and pay. However, you pay what you get for! It means that you do not have a real quality of this email list. Some users might ignore your newsletter, and some users are not real.

We understand that you need to find more customers with lots of customer’s contact to your email marketing campaigns, but you should never purchase email listing.

Keep on reading, and you enable to identify that building email list requires to have the right approaches. Then, you will know how to build your real list for the upcoming time.

Focus on emails 

Pay attention to your content in each email or newsletter

The most important of an email is your content, so your content should be amazed and give a reason why customers should subscribe and follow you.

If you have perfect content, your customer will send your emails to their family, friends, and colleagues. These might not have on your email list, but you will have another free-of-charge advertising method.

Encourage your subscribers to share your information with others

Once you send new information to your current subscribes, you should encourage them to share the information with others.

By using social sharing buttons and Email to a friend buttons, building email list will be completed and effective. By doing this, you will achieve more fresh networks without wasting more advertising channels.

Celebrate an online contest 

This is also a smart choice to increase your fresh email address from real customers. On the one hand, you can attract other patrons through an online contest.

When one customer is interested in your contest, he or she probably shares your information with others. Hence, you do not only get a new email address from customers but also improve your brand image to the community.

Make various email subscriptions types

Make various email subscriptions categories that you can use to send much-targeted content to specific segments on your marketing personas.

Email recipients will click through emails which have been aimed to them. Thus, if you create various types, you will boost the opportunity which visitors might subscribe to one of them.

Rebuild stale email lists with opt-in campaigns 

Did you have email lists in the past and you are not sure the influence on these lists? If yes, this is the time to rebuild these stale email lists through an opt-in campaign.

You should make an opt-in message, paste it into selected emails, and these emails to your old list. This will help you increase the chance to engage many email recipients once more. The downside of this way is some recipients might not use this email address anymore.

Add links in the signature box in emails

You enable to add links to your colleague’s signatures which leads your customer to a landing page. This page will help them sign up for your mailing list.

Create new types of content

Make lead gen content

To make your customers can continue to your newsletter or subscribe, you need to create new types of content such as a free booklet or whitepaper. Then, you require them to offer their email address to download it later.

Construct various free-of-charge tools or resources

Your customers will be curious when you send them something new in your newsletters(or some buttons on your websites) with a free tool or resource and let them sign up within their email address. For example, you enable to create Marketing Grader to collect many email addresses from our websites or social media.

Use social media wisely

Facebook page and Instagram

Create your Facebook page and promote it through an offer that requires an email address submission.

Do not forget to add social sharing buttons on the landing pages as well as thank-you pages that you can send them to encourage your clients to share more.

On the flip side, you can run a campaign on the Instagram and encourage audiences to follow you through pictures and videos.


After getting an account on Twitter, you should make a Twitter campaign to offer a free booklet to your followers which require an email address to save.


You also give links to gated offers on your LinkedIn account or any suitable LinkedIn group discussions.


This social media is also a good idea to support you gather new email addresses. You can raise a Pinterest board where you pin the well-made covers in our marketing booklets. From this broad, you have been enabled to produce new leads and increase your email list.

YouTube channels

When everyone does not have enough time to read or receive new information, they prefer watching videos.

This is the reason YouTube and other social media add video function. So, you can create attractive videos, add calls-to-action and all URLs in each video to inspire audiences to follow you. Do not forget to give relevant landing pages in your videos through the text descriptions.

Do not miss out your business card

When you have the chance to meet someone directly, do not miss out the business cards. Ask your clients or partners about their business cards, and you also give yours.

If you can, you should give them a free product or service such as a gift card, a discount coupon, etc. Do not lose your potential opportunity as it will not come in the next time.

By doing this, you can introduce the company, build your networking, and collect new fresh email address.


Building email list is not a daunting task as you should make the right campaign with suitable methods to appeal customers. Email listing is an affordable and high-impact way of conveying your marketing message to current patrons and prospects.

Please also keep in mind that the content of each email should be short and concise so that recipients can continue to read your information. If not, they will delete your email immediately.