SEO STRATEGY 2017: 8 Basic Steps To Double Search Traffic

It’s time to craft the best SEO strategy 2017 now with the simplest 8 steps to double your search traffic and bring the best advantage to your website.

Doubling your search traffic is something so desirable, but as long as you have a solid SEO strategy, it’s easier to increase your search traffic and overall brand awareness. At the time, thousands of people are searching content and you can help them to locate it by being an SEO expert. However, climbing on top of SEO will take a lot of attempts in researching and experimentation.

Don’t worry, in this article;  we’d like to introduce you the eight basic steps to double your search traffic. With just a little bit of your practice, you can get closer to the top of your goals.

Learn best 8-step SEO strategy to improve search engine ranking

#1 Make your site super fast

Nothing is worse than having a slow website, which is not just bad for the end user but also for your SEO. In other words, it might hurt your site by ranking it lower in search engine results. As a result, this can lead to fewer page views and customer conversion for your site.

The best thing to do here is to cut down all unnecessary materials on your website, and then your clients will feel satisfied with your super-fast loading pages. To do that effectively, try to make all the images more Internet-friendly by changing its resolution, compressing the image, or cropping it.

Besides, you can cut off a few external scripts, such as Pop-up boxes, external fonts, “like my page” boxes, bootstrap, other commenting systems and so on.

#2 Establish mobile-friendly websites 

Building up an effective mobile presence means enabling your clients to find your own business over the Internet and find more information they truly need. This requires your mobile websites to be optimized for search engines. Also, it’s the content of your mobile site will act as one of the biggest roles in deciding how well it ranks with search engines.

For this reason, it should be optimized for specific keywords and many related terms. The keyword identification is an important element in optimizing your website content. It asks for more deep analysis than only common sense.
Besides, the target of SEO will be to create measurable outcomes which means raising your customer website traffic. Therefore, choosing a good mobile SEO provider or firm that owns a nice website since they would be good to work with. If not, seeing them whether they rank #1 for searches relevant to SEO in your geographic area or not. Well, they must be aware of what they’re doing.

#3 Avail long tail keywords in SEO strategy

Choose long tail keywords for your SEO strategy 
Long tail keywords are much longer and more specific phrases that your visitors will be more likely to avail when they move closer to the point of purchase (POP). This can be seen as a simple matter of building up better lines of contact between your business and the clients who are already out there and purchasing what you offer. 

Consider it by googling the word ‘sofa’ - it’s a quite broad keyword, so what kinds of chances you would love to take to end up clicking through to the sale? Note that you might draw less traffic with a long tail keyword than you do with a common one. However, in turn, the traffic drawn will be just better than before.

Last but not least, these long-tail keywords are ideal for businesses who desire their content to rank in Google searches. For advertisers, such things are even more precious when they run paid marketing campaigns.

#4 Create high-quality content

Produce your website content
If you like to produce more traffic through search, it’s highly recommended to do good keyword research before you begin writing. Doing so can help you to concentrate more on the keywords that people have already searched for. The content on site must be held in a logical way, and it will help your visitors on the site to find other relevant content with ease.

Additionally, increase your new content’s visibility by sharing them on social networks and don’t forget to create links to your content for both internal and external websites. To create compelling content, it’s best to dig more into various audience personas for the intense interests and view where they might intersect with other topics around your product/service or not.

Never hesitate to build up such content and display it beautifully on your site, to offer you a solid foundation that might help you to attain every link and lead.

#5 Republish your old blog posts 

Republishing old blog posts is one of the best steps in your SEO strategy for sure since it does take less effort and time than creating a brand new one. In different cases, this can be seen as the smartest thing to do because several high-ranking posts are usually the older ones. And once somebody clicks on one of them without noticing the date, they might think that they are the new data.

That sounds easy, right? If you republish posts, you might also keep the readers well-informed while saving more time to invest in another high-quality article. Note that when republishing your old posts, you should never republish anything that feels not up to date. No one loves to read something that does out of date or is not applicable anymore.

So before republishing any content, take time to review and even rewrite some parts to suit the circumstance.

#6 Build good-quality backlinks 

Improve your SEO with quality backlinks 
You might already know that the only way to get your website to the top of Google is to build the great-quality backlinks. One ‘backlink’ is made when an external site links to yours, and that’s why people mention them as the external backlinks. And while these backlinks are proven to be very effective in boosting your site ranking, creating them is not a simple task at all.

Once doing it incorrectly, it might result in being sued for scamming other websites. On the other hand, if you use good techniques without spamming, you can succeed in building high-end backlinks for SEO.

#7 Present useful content on Social Media

In case you’re serious about your site content, let’s be more serious about driving as much traffic to it by sharing it over social media as much as possible. Sharing your posts more than once on social media can cause intense reactions. Besides, be more careful about your planning and focus more on your message schedule. The goal of that schedule is to help you to earn more clicks.

It’s because various social media platforms might not contain the similar peak times, so it’s best to understand how your users tend to engage on each social media. Learn more from Facebook Insights if you need that.

#8 Optimize your voice search

Today, the way people search information online is just changing, so people like to use voice search on their smartphones to search for things on the Internet. Amongst them, Google voice search is the most popular on every Android device. Such a new voice technology makes it easier for everyone to make a question and gain information from device.


There are always certain techniques - when availed consistently - will increase the likelihood of earning higher rankings for your site. In this post, we’ve just outlined the best SEO strategy for 2017 with the eight basic steps to double your traffic that you must use as soon as possible. These depend on the SEO expert’s experience as well as the most recent research in the same industry.