How To Find Customers With Mobile Marketing?

All businesses nowadays do not only want to increase their sales but also love to gain more customers. Here’s how to find customers with mobile marketing.

Each business owner has to struggle hard to find their customers, but with a mobile device, you will be able to send your marketing messages to where the eyeballs are mostly focused on. That speaks to how important mobile devices have turned out to be in human lives. It owns a special ability to link your target market to your products and services.

So what we want to bring here are the coolest ways to find customers with mobile marketing and grow your brand! It primarily involves pulling the others toward your message that might help your efforts and time quite a lot:

Create Your Fanpage

All of your social customers must own a Facebook app loaded on his and her smartphone. So you need a signal to encourage those to link to you in one social media circle, which is meant to drive the significant development of your network and spread the visibility of your business to the new followers. Make sure to offer each of them a great and fun reason to give a thumb up or follow you.

Mobile Email 

Ask clients to subscribe to your email list to receive more attractive newsletters, notifications about special events, discounts and so on at their checkout, or just via the social pages. Don’t mind pushing these emails to every mobile user and often think of doing some mobile-friendly actions, like rolling the phone numbers or using your mobile phone to send coupons via email.

SMS Messages 

SMS messages help businesses to pull customers with ease
Your job here is to find a way to draw all customers to your text-messaging action. How to do it right? Just ask them to “opt-in” to the SMS message list. Try to use one reliable text-messaging provider to have access to a brief phone number, which is exactly as a short code and an opt-in keyword. Next, you can count on the service to push those messages out to those who opt-in. 

And one more essential thing you can’t miss: Everyone tends to love to be informed about deals and discounts, especially how to win free products. When creating these promotions on text, ensure them to differ other offers you’ve already made via email or other social medias.

Multimedia messages 

You can call it MMS, which usually contain pictures, sounds, and more text. So to pull more clients in with the similar opt-in process to your SMS, you can use multimedia content via an  MMS provider. When using photos and images into your mobile marketing campaign, remember to avail the images you have the full rights since if using unlicensed images will push you into a legal nightmare.

Mobile Search 

Searching with your mobile phone is one of the best ways to find customers for sure, especially when it allows you to seek a nearby product and service.

What you simply do here is to pull them to your business by adding more mobile-friendly maps and directions on your website. Also, don’t be afraid of sharing your location with new potential customers by telling them to check in any social media of their favorites so that their friends would know where they are when they come to your physical place.

Besides, it lets your clients share information and tips about your brand or business with their friends and family. What a unique offer that can encourage them to check in more usual!

Mobile Advertisement 

A closer view of mobile advertising
Pulling customers to your advertising is another good idea to do with mobile marketing. You can do it by putting ads on other external spots, such as blogs or a mobile version of newspapers. This is the right time when you must push your promotion out by adding more ads to your email, text messages, content and other apps.

Mobile Content 

You can attract customers to content through videos, images and other downloads just by offering both links and barcodes, which can activate your content. Note that it’s possible to push that content by posting on some mobile-friendly websites like YouTube for example.

Voice Response Systems

In this solution, you can push messages out by answering the phone and using Interactive voice response system too. Let’s answer calls and convey voice messages automatically. Your mobile marketing campaigns can be increased much further just by adding one integrated click to talk button to the app or site and to connect clients to your organization.

Such a talk system is quite helpful when it diminishes the need for typing, and it also makes a great means for interacting with other on-the-go clients.

Built-in Capabilities 

Every mobile phone comes with its built-in capabilities such as WiFi, GPS, voice recorder, or cameras. These great features would be the key to pull customers in by asking them to avail those enablers for mutual benefits. For instance, they can take a picture of a particular product and then email it to you for an attractive discount.

Let’s push messages out to respond to those who utilize these capabilities by using one of the above solutions we’ve just mentioned.

Customer Reviews 

Last but not least, you should never forget about encouraging your customers to share their personal opinions about their recent experience. This works well for your mobile marketing campaign for sure - let’s post saying, “How do we do? Let us hear your opinions!”

Doing so can lead them to some certain sites such as Google Places or Yelp, where they will leave reviews of your business. Ensure to post your brand’s Twitter handle so that your clients are able to add it to their reviews and follow your company on Twitter.


We hope that our tips above on how to find customers with mobile marketing today could enable the communication between you and clients to be on the go!

They make the best mobile marketing strategies to help your business to keep local clients since it’s one of the most valuable mediums to interact with you and your customers. It also enables you to gain priceless information fast and easily, which contributes remarkably to the success of your marketing campaign.