How to Have a Good Relationship with the Right Online Influencers for Your Business

Meta: Choosing the online influencer is not a new marketing method for a brand. However, be sure to have some proper methods with careful plans to get the positive consequence.


The phrase “influencer marketing” is becoming the hot trend in the digital age. The fundamental concept is not difficult to catch. You will use their popularity and authority in the social media to make and develop a reputation and your brand image.

It is always easier said than done. You need to build a solid relationship with these influencers in the long term. Also, they should understand your brand and your vision properly. If not, you will have nothing in this marketing strategy. So, how to create links with online influencers?

#1 – Make inbounded links

Inbound links are often vital for any kind of marketing campaign, especially SEO campaigns. It is simple to understand the concept of the links. Links are things that pass the authority point from one website to another. These make them be reasonable points which persuade search engines your websites or blogs are trustworthy and authoritative to get higher rankings.

Please note that it is quite difficult to have inbound links; however, you can get these links through making a good relationship with a well-known online influencer. They will accept your request for linking your websites to theirs when you give them a suitable reason. By doing this, you will receive more organic search rather than using advertising approach.

#2- Choose the right niche and in-depth points 

Everyone can write the content and make their blogs about a general topic like How to wash your hand. However, it is a worth content if they have some unique approach such as how to wash your hand in 5 minutes or how to deal with the jet lag issue.

Thus, you also need to find online influencers that are suitable for your industry. For example, you are selling clothes, and you need to find out the online influencer to boost the viewers of your website. You cannot contact with influence in the automation industry. In other words, you should narrow down the niche for your content. Finding a famous blogger in the fashion industry is the right online influencer for your business.

#3 –Let your content marketing is usually visible

In general, online influencers in the social media have tons of followers, so it is a good idea to share one of your best content probably makes your content visible and improve the visitors on your website.

When having more readers on your website, it probably boosts your rankings right now. Nonetheless, it will be huge potential visitors for you to get more valuation points for the upcoming time if you are going to launch a new product. So, always keep in mind that you should let your content marketing is visible and available.

#4 –Give free products to the influencer’s audiences only

To attract more targeted audiences to view your website through an online influencer, you should give free products to them and the influencers. If they do not know and feel quite well about your products, they will not follow you and buy your products for the forthcoming time.

They do not believe you! You have to prove the quality of your products for them. Or you can sponsor an online event, and the host will be the influencer, so both of you can reach more special audiences. Therefore, offering free products for them at a certain time is a smart investment in the long run for your business.

#5 –Continue to sponsor the blog for online influencers

Do you know that famous brands always find out online influencers to make positive feedback for these brands to the customers?

Some websites and blogs will receive sponsored posts which are written by the sponsor or by some staff member of a company. The costs are surely higher if the influencer must write the content herself or himself.

Although sponsored content about a product or a service is paid by a company, the true value to the audiences will be allowed.

#6 –Support their targets by adding their names and their blogs on your articles

Please keep in mind that a good relationship is not a one-way only. To have a solid partnership, the online influencer and you should always have a great interaction.

He or she is willing to give your brand name on his or her content on the blog. And you should also try to do that. In each of your article, you enable to add their name or their story. It is fair play!

#7 –Host a contest and offer free products or free coupons of your service

The online influencer and you enable to host an online event or a mini-game in the social media for the audiences.

When both of you have already gotten the winner, you should give he or she your free products or free coupons for your service. If the winner is a group of people, you will also need to give them some gifts which are related to your brand name.

Also, you could encourage the audience share the contest and your brand with others through the event or the contest. If someone has more shares, you will also give them your free products.
This is another great advertising approach that you will save much money and reach out more customers.

#8 – Interview with an online influencer and make an online video at the same time

Patrons always want to follow real persons; they do not want to meet a robot or a specific machine that having your logo name.

You could make a combination marketing strategy – interview with a famous online influencer and produce an online video at the same time. You should have a great topic that attracts audiences and the influencer to join in.

For example, you enable to make a small talk about the beauty of women, how working mom gets a balanced life, etc. Do not forget to make a topic which is equivalent to your product or service.
Your brand and the popularity level of the influencer will be improved strongly after the small talk like this.


There are many ways to build a good relationship with an online influencer. However, you should understand more about this influencer and let them know your brand. When both of you can have a deep understanding, beginning with some suitable approaches is not a daunting task anymore. Every relationship always needs to take much time to build and develop for a while.