8 Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing That You Should Not Miss Out on Your Businesses

With the Facebook marketing, you enable to know more about your customers: how they feel, what will they do, what do they like and love, where do they get relaxed, etc.


Although there are several social media platforms available that every business can choose from, there is no doubt that Facebook marketing is a key role in their success in reaching out targeted audiences. Here are a few benefits which your business still needs to add Facebook marketing to your promotion campaign.

#1 –Get targeted customers and prospects 

In fact, lots of advertising campaigns are made for targeted audiences. Marketers enable to adjust some main points about the Facebook Manager on the company’s Facebook page before running an advertising campaign such as the geography, the age, the gender, etc.

Also, they can use the Facebook Custom Audience Tool to support them upload many lists of client contacts. This is a great idea for all businesses which have a few hundred contacts or large enterprises with thousands of persons like email addresses, UUIDs, phone numbers, and so on.

#2 – Identify user’s behavior

If you do not understand your patrons, how could you treat them well? Do not use the random method to reach your clients because you will lose customers in one day to your competitors. What’s more, your customers are smarter and get much information than in the 1990s or less.

Thanks to the digital world, they can get any information they want to. You may surprise that your prospects and customers probably know more details about your industry. They are not passive anymore!

If your customers want to buy a product, then you should find out the reason why they select it. For example, young generations prefer going to a convenience store than older ones; you need to discover the reason in their communities. And Facebook always has several groups for you to find your answer.

#3 – Build social reputation

Thanks to various social channels, you enable to have a good interaction with your customers and you or your brand.

So, you need to take time to build your reputation on all social media platforms by responding your customer feedback, give reputable information, host some community events, etc.

#4 –Do a small survey

With a new problem, you have no idea, or you need to know your patron’s idea and using Facebook marketing is not a bad idea.

You can run some questionnaire structure on your Facebook page and let them know that what benefits they will gain through your small survey.

It is said that doing a small survey is not the Facebook marketing approach, but you still enable to let your prospects and loyal customers have recognized your brand image in a smart way such as you ought to mention your brand in each of the questions.

#5 – Try to adjust their behavior to your meaningful message 

It is a daunting task to try to change customer’s behavior, but Facebook community probably helps you in this mission.

For example, you are selling cooking oil so that you can make a live video of a cooking story in a kitchen. A man is helping his wife to do a chicken fried. Most Asian men do not cook and your live video ought to let men change their mind a little bit about understanding how their wives have to do the chores.

After all, you will get more audiences and boost your profits when you are reaching the right points in your customer mind through this Facebook marketing method.

#6 – Reduce the advertising cost

Are you aware that how much money you have to pay when selecting a TV show? Each second of the TV show will be valuable if you order a short video in this.

At the same time, you can make your video, post it on your Facebook page, and make it live to the audiences. Facebook marketing will cost less than a traditional TV program.

Moreover, you enable to host a live event on your Facebook page and catch the right audiences through advertising it.

#7 –Probably selects and uses many new features 

We use many social media platforms, and we have to agree that Facebook has several features for all users; especially in 2017.

When using the Facebook, you ought to get a lot of experience through new features such as Facebook Live Video, Facebook Professional Services, Facebook at Work, Improved Search, Uber or Lyft integration, Facebook Shopping Tab, Instant Articles, Facebook Events, Non-profit crow-funding, Music Stores.

With full of new features, you will have bunches of opportunities to run your Facebook marketing plan and reach out target customers.

#8 – Improve the customer service factor

It is extremely important for all businesses to treat their clients because they do not lose customers to the rivals. Thus, the customer service plays a key success that every business owner needs to realize.
Your business needs to build a great customer service both offline form an online system so that your patrons will feel comfortable and choose your brand only.

With the online system, you should apply the chatbots which enable to support your response to your customer promptly. Facebook always have the chatbot system in its Messenger, so you should pay attention to this point when starting your Facebook marketing plan.


Eventually, Facebook marketing is still a great method for all businesses to take into account and use it in their marketing strategy. You probably combine this method with others so that you can reach more customers, but Facebook is one of the most important social media that you need to choose from. Whether you are a small business owner or not, do not miss out the Facebook because you will get more benefits from this.