What Should You Watch About Marketing Trends in 2018?

Marketing trend is not a new definition, but it is extremely important to influence your business in a new year. What are you going to do in 2018?


2018 is coming very close. We know that all business owners have to make a plan and promote a campaign for Christmas Eve – one of the biggest holidays in a year. However, they should not miss out the marketing trends in the next year. In general, these trends will be changed year by year.

As a wise business owner, you also need to identify some upcoming trends to undertake many wise strategies and get the right investments as well. Here are a few trends that we probably forecast for a new year.

Marketing content is still a king

The good news is you can use marketing content to introduce new product or service when launching new things.

The bad news is your competitors totally this method to reach audiences even if they can create great marketing content. So, it is becoming more difficult to make attractive content before your rivals do.

Creating new content faster than your competitors is not a good idea. In other words, you need to think about how you can make your content to reach audiences in your space. By doing this, you will have many organic reaches, and you do not have to spend lots of bucks for advertising.

Chatbots will help you a lot in the digital world

Chatbots will become a new marketing trend in 2018. They are not direct users in the social platforms like Facebook Messenger. Thanks to chatbots, marketers can meet their audiences in the place they have already made content. The barrier to enter the chatbot system is not high, so you enable to consider testing it for your team.

Chatbots have many free tools to give you get started, and you can try to use some to check different experiences. By doing this, you catch your targeted audience quickly and bring up a more personalized relationship between you and your customers for a while.

If one business does not recognize the chatbot system, then they will have a big excuse to lose many potential customers for their competitors.

Privacy protections become an important factor 

With tons of accidents and problems about the security system in many big enterprises around the world in 2017, clients will pay more attention to how well their databases protected. It means that multinational-enterprises and small businesses also need to build a solid system to prevent hackers.

If patrons are not careful about this issue, some government associations will do that, and some have already done. Some organizations have made new regulations, and related law such as the European Union has built the GDPR.

Hence, all marketers and business owners cannot ignore this problem, and they have to start to apply some data security systems. There is no doubt that privacy protections are one of the most important marketing trends in 2018.

Famous and leading brands will focus on some live events

Why should marketers need to use live contents in their marketing channels? Some leading enterprises around the world such as Salesforce, Airbnb, Google organize some annual events tailored to bring more customers as well as several prospects.

Also, they will have more opportunities to promote their brand images from countries to the world. So, you need to draw attention to host some live events and prove the company brand clearly. This will also be a new platform for the marketing trend in 2018.

Do customers love Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram is growing at an incredible trend. In 2017, this social media announced that they have nearly 800 million users each month. They also have launched new tool – Instagram Stories becomes a well-known social platform than Snap Chat for the first year of going live.

Also, this brand has many great advertising controls, several audiences are going to create new accounts and use Instagram on a regular basis; especially in social media marketing from countries to the world.  We do not surprise that Instagram will be the latest marketing trend in 2018.

Video is still a valuable channel 

The video is still going anywhere even if you come to a modern city or a peaceful town. Online videos are becoming popular platforms for adverting and sharing many great ideas around the world.

Do you know that 55% of users watch videos regularly and online videos will have more than 80% users in 2020? For these reasons, you should not miss out this valuable channel in your advertising campaign.

On the plus side, you do not have to pay huge money to create videos. Your content plays a key role in each video.

You probably perform all ideas without allowing some barriers. If you choose traditional video platform in the TV channels, you have to meet their fundamental standards. And you have to pay a higher cost when choosing conventional channels.

Build your videos and post these on the social media platforms. Do not forget to transfer your videos to the targeted audiences.

Use the influencer marketing in the right strategy

In fact, all small businesses and large enterprises need to go online because they will have several new customers in the latest generations. These generations are called Y and Z.

In other words, their behavior is different from their parents, their grandfathers, and grandmothers. New generations always use social media daily. They will have dynamic interaction through social channels. And social influencers will also have a big impact on their mind.

This is the reason why all businesses need to use the influencer marketing method. Thanks to it, they enable to have a deep understanding of these generations.

Additionally, they can get a great influence on the latest generations through social influencers. Choosing the right influencer is a rule of thumb to apply this method. In 2018, this will still be a great marketing trend for all businesses and marketers to take into account.


Marketing trends in 2018 have some similar ones with 2017, but these will be developed in a new stream to be suitable for the needs of customers. Thus, you should pay more attention to new trends and build smart investment to success. Please carry in mind that your competitors also have recognized these trends and they are preparing, so you need to be careful.