11 Useful Ways to Create Your Wondeful Instagram Marketing Campaign

As far as you may know, Instagram can be your meaningful opportunity if you want to engage more with your existing customers or generate your new customers. In fact, 86% of the total top brands in the world have adopted their own Instagram strategies. However, there are a lot of organizations which have not yet started their marketing campaign with this application.

Below are 11 interesting tips you may want to try to succeed in your Instagram marketing campaign.

1. Choose the right time to launch your campaign

We should all agree that time can be the most important factor in our lives. So, you should not launch an Instagram campaign if the timing may be not aligned with your company goals and plans.

Apple can be one of the great examples in this circumstance. For years, such company has not had its Instagram profile. After its launch of iPhones X and eight and X, Apple launched its bold marketing campaign by using Instagram, which generated much more followers in its first hours of the establishment. Try to schedule your launch by applying the similar finesse to build your most successful marketing campaign possible.

2. Interview the target audience in order to know their Instagram using habits

Understanding our customer can be critical if we want to develop our good service or product. The same basis shall be applied to your outstanding marketing campaign with Instagram.

During your development process of a marketing campaign, let's speak with the target audience in order to understand the right way to use Instagram. Then, you can confidently develop your campaign strategy which meets your expectations.

3. Set your measured campaign goals

Creating a predefined campaign goal which is numeric will give your marketing team specialized in social media and you tangible things to try for. Also, it will encourage everyone in your team to make optimizations to make sure that their goal is exceeded or achieved.

If marketers cannot associate their Instagram campaign directly with numerics, they will find lots of difficulties to prioritize improvements or updates of such campaign. In the case that you have your specific goal, you will understand your prioritized works easy to produce its best results.

4. Test various types of content to optimize your campaign

For interviews with your target audience, it is hard to recognize what format of the Instagram content is best. Therefore, your surefire way in order to understand the suitable one on can be to test different options before selecting the best performing one.

Instagram distinguishes itself from other application because it offers marketers a wide range of formats and you have hundreds to try. Its latest format, Instagram Stories, is phenomenally successful with about 250 million users.

5. Create your cross-channel marketing strategy to enhance the effectiveness

There are about 72% of consumers would like to interact with various brands via their multichannel campaigns. It is indeed a good sign that all marketers may develop their coordinated and powerful Instagram campaigns which can support by using other channels.

Marketers who interested much in developing their effective Instagram marketing campaigns may consider incorporating live events, direct mail, display ads as well as emails into their strategy to better engage their target audience.

6. Partner with some micro-influencers

Instagram influencers are expensive, difficult to reach as well as off-brand. However, you may consider partnering with the industry-specific, small influencer after finding.
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This way will make sure that our investment for influencers in content reaches your target audience. Besides, many of outside micro-influencers may be willing to work with free products, which can assist you much in keeping your campaign with low costs.

7. Use Instagram advertisements for hyper targets

Instagram ads may offer marketers the convenient and comfortable way in order to engage people timely. But, an ad may become expensive quickly. To control your costs, you may use a rich targeting tools set for Instagram advertisers as well as develop your Instagram advertisements for hyper targets.
Most likely, such ad is more expensive than ever, on a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click basis. However, the total spend can be much lower than your campaign with the wide targets.

8. Search for the inspiration of content creators

As far as you may know, stunning content can be an image, live video, video, or story. It is the common thread and considered one of the best Instagram campaigns so far. To find content inspiration for your Instagram campaign, look at the Instagram profiles which were run by well-known videographers or photographers, major brands or famous influencers.

9. Pair Instagram captions along with content in order to boost the performance

While the visual content can be certain the critical role on Instagram, the compelling caption may improve Instagram content performance. For each of your visual launching plan during your Instagram campaign, make sure that you develop your contextually compelling and relevant caption.

10. Develop your contextual and clear call to action

In term of your visual content and caption, you should provide your audience with a motivating and clear call to action which encourages them much to engage deeply with your own brand. You should not only ask the audience to visit the website but also drive all of them to your specific page.

11. Establish your clear start date along with your end date of the campaign

Like others, Instagram campaigns cannot run endlessly. So, you should have your clear start date along with your end date. This clear way will let your team and you measure performance, and motivate them involved closely to find their campaign optimizations quicker than usual.


In short, Instagram campaigns may make a significantly meaningful impact directly on your business results. All marketers who are interested in creating a wonderful marketing campaign should start with setting time-bound, clear goals before interviewing their target audience to brainstorm their compelling content. So, they can grab their attention. Also, working with Instagram captions and micro-influencers are other useful ways you may try to have a successful Instagram campaign.