A Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Micro Influencers Campaign

“Find out about how to run a micro influencer marketing campaign with the collaboration of people who have better engagement than those with a massive following”

You have a product or service that outweighs most competitors on the market? Great, but if no one knows about it, it won’t boost your sales.  According to Deloitte, 81% of online shoppers look for reviews and ratings from other customers before deciding on whether to purchase or not.

Endorsements work but if you want to tap into the power of online communities, you may want to dip your toe in influencer marketing. Folks with millions of followers on social media might be the first thing that pops up in your mind right now but the more followers they have, the less connected they and their fans are. Human connection is vital in some sectors and if you know how to use it, you can boost sales tremendously.

When it comes to deep connection, micro influencers are the star players. They may have just a fraction of larger social celebrities but they have formed such a strong bond with their audience that what they say have a big impact on them. Sound inviting enough? Here we will show you the 5 steps to dig this gold mine:

Make the plan and strategy

To measure how effective your micro influencer marketing campaign is, you have to have a clear idea of what you look to achieve. The goals can be raising brand awareness, boosting sales, building up social media following, or generating engagement. Once you’ve crafted your goal (or goals) in details, record the stats just before the campaign so that you have data to compare to later on.

The next step is to find out which platform to launch your campaign. Facebook, Instagram, Medium or Twitter work well for different objectives. It is no secret that you want to be seen at where your audience is. For example, Snapchat is a holy grail of the young while Medium is for people interested in stories. So if you are targeting teens and young adults, conduct your micro influencer marketing campaign on Snapchat.

In order to get your audience’s attention, being visible is not good enough. Do your homework and find out what attracts them so that you can make a list of requirements for your influencers.

Look for the right micro influencers to work with

Tools such as Buzzsumo, Klear, and Ninja Outreach offer free influencer search by keywords. If you have time and want to do the job yourself, the manual way of going on the platform that you have picked and make use of their search function. This might take a while to narrow the list down to the ones with the most potential, but you are free to adjust your filter to find accounts that suit your brand.
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If you want to reach out to folks who are not only a micro influencer but also an advocate of your brand, you cannot go wrong with searching your brand’s following. This method, if used right, can result in their featuring your brand and weaving their own experience and stories that center your products and services into the content.

Get in touch with the influencers

There are no short of way to reach out to micro influencers, email, direct messages or comments on their posts, just to name a few. But the thing here is what you are going to offer them in exchange for exposure to their dedicated followers?

In terms of brands and influencers relationship, it is a win-win situation. When you decide to go for paid content, you get to control what appears in their posts and review them before they are published. However, you might have to stretch your budget to pay them because followers are vital to micro influencers if you want to take control of their posts; you have to make it worthwhile to them.

A less expensive way to get your brand featured is to establish a relationship with the influencers. Comment on their posts, show your appreciation for their content, engage with them, and then find a good opportunity to pitch your brand.

Coordinate with the influencers

Once the influencers have agreed to promote your brand, now it’s time to make it clear to them what you want. You know your brand best but they know their audience best. Find a middle ground between what you want and what they can do base on the plan that you have created earlier and make a new plan with their participation.

Analyze your influencer marketing campaign’s results

Now it’s time to find out if your collaboration reaches its goals. Views, comments, shares, likes, or impressions can give you an idea of how many people have seen and interacted with the posts, what they think about it. The stats that you have recorded in step one now come in handy. Compare the pre-campaign data and the ones after it. Crunch the numbers and decide if the campaign achieved a positive return on investment and what you can take away from it.