Keys to Become A Youtube Influencer

“YouTube is now a key target of influencer marketing campaigns, if you want a fair share of the glory, check out the tips below to know how to become a YouTube influencer”

YouTube has secured its place as a leading social platform lately and is high on the list of brands which are running influencer marketing campaigns. Celebrities on YouTube do not advocate their time and energy with nothing in return. It is highly likely that brands will come to them and offer collaboration with compensate that comes in the form of money, free products, or recognition. But what can you do to join them in the world of money-making YouTubers? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are what you need to do to build your empire and audience:

Love what you do 

The trend now is even big brands seek partnership with micro influencers who have a more dedicated following. These folks focus on a niche and dig it deep so their audience is better engaged and the bond between them is stronger.

To achieve the title micro influencer, first, find out what you love to talk about and rectify the most difficult problems. When it comes to growing audience, quantity is as important as quality. The fact that you may have to make new videos weekly or even daily speaks volumes about why you have to have a passion for what you are talking about or it will bore you to death.
Your passion will naturally be reflected in your video by the way you talk, your gestures, your expression, and your viewers can somewhat feel it. It is no secret that people are attracted more to videos with feelings embed into them. You are more likely to dig deep into your passion than anything else and this knowledge can come in handy when you have to converse with your followers, who may have the same interest.

Focus on growing real followers

It might be discouraged to see the number of followers is just a fraction of somebody else’s while you have put so much time and effort into your channel. However, if you look at the bright side, you will see that a smaller number is actually an opportunity in disguise.

Having a small circle means that you can better engage with your followers. It is no secret that upvote your viewers’ comments, talk to them, and show them that you appreciate them is key to a loyal following. But if you somehow get a large number of comments to handle, it is probably that you will leave some people feeling left out and decrease your impact on them. So if you haven’t come up with a good way to grow your audience, focus on building a strong connection with your current followers. They can be your channel’s best representatives.

The era of celebrities with millions of followers being the star players in influencer marketing is long gone. Now it’s the time of micro-influencers, those who have fewer followers but are closely connected with them. So there is no need to join the growing-number-at-all-cost race because you are valued just the way you are right now.

Prepare to take criticism

Let’s face it, no one can please everyone. At some points in your YouTube career, you will have to put up with criticism from your audience. You get their attention so somebody will find out something negative about you and your brainchild. But don’t take it as a sign to say goodbye to YouTube, see it as a chance to improve yourself and your videos. The more you discuss a topic, the more chances that someone will disagree with you. As your audience gets larger, the number of haters will increase. See Taylor Swift’s channel, she has a hefty number of fans but and a considerable number of haters but she is still a big celebrity on YouTube.

Prepare to handle pressure and responsibility

Being an influencer on YouTube is nothing like a regular full-time job, which you can have a break and go on holiday somewhere far away. Get ready for the long haul, sleepless nights and endless workflow. You know that engaging is everything and you cannot afford to neglect your audience if you want to eventually be invited to join influencer marketing campaigns.
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The burden of keeping up the quality of your content is as heavy as the stress of posting regularly. You don’t get to let it goes down as someone will notice it and get disappointed in you. As a would-be influencer, you want your number of followers to go up, not down.

But the pain of coming up with good quality content is not the only problem. Your audience trust you and they will come to you for pieces of advice or even sympathy. Fail to meet their expectations can lead to them leaving you for someone else. On the flip side, that burden is also a blessing as it’s a sure sign of engagement.