Protect Your Content – A Challenge Path to Overcome!

Creating your content is hard, and it is more difficult to protect your online content in a large pool these days! How to do it?

You have amazing content marketing, and you publish to your blog or your website. One sunshine day, you find out your online content also appeared on another website. Even if the content has passed the Google bots, you can recognize the content is yours.

You request the administrators have to remove it because of the copyright law! However, they IGNORE, and your content is still published on their web page. Now what? What should you do? I know, you get mad right now, but you should have a deep breath and seek the solutions!

Realize your main online content has been plagiarized or not

There are several different ways to explore your content has been stolen from your website. The easiest method is using Google Alerts which scans everything in your origin version.

This is also an inexpensive way to go on your job! When your content marketing is taken from your web page, you will receive an alert on a regular basis. Another affordable approach is finding anti-plagiarism checkers.

How to use Google Alerts on figuring out your stolen content 

Google Alerts produces search engine results from main criteria. After generating consequences, Google Alerts announce you by sending the report. It is so helpful for scrutinizing the Internet for the details relating to your company along with your posts and possible rivals.

Step 1: Access the Google Alerts homepage (
Step 2: Move into your Search

The search is one of the most important parts of the text you want to undertake. A sample Google alert will occur when you enter your search. In case you do not have any alert which is ideal for your searching, you can change your query.

Step 3: Make an alert

To do this, you need to enter your email address which you want Google system to send the report to you. Complete it by clicking on the red Create Alert button. You probably take a confirmation email from Google. After confirming, you will receive your results.

Step 4: Select the suitable source category

There are some options that you enable to increase your alerts. Paying attention to the screenshot as the similar topic is shown. The source is Blogs is everything. This totally modifies the consequences you will get.

Step 5: Determine the frequency

Choose how long you want to get the report from Google Alerts. You ought to take it on a daily basis, weekly, or as soon as possible. The selection is yours.

Step 6: Consider the search volume

Do not forget to establish the volume as Google can select the right results from your requirements.

Other ways to protect your online content 

Make technical barriers to prevent your stolen content 

It is so easy to get a copy from someone’s work and republish it to the website. Your targeting is creating many technical barriers to make the copy work is extremely hard to obtain your content.
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For instance, you can ask for help from IT employees or outsources to make a website that no one can copy and paste by clicking the right corner of their mice. It also includes your photos and other precious materials on your web pages. Or you can make the tool to recommend the viewers have to subscribe your articles. Do not forget to decide the types of content marketing you must do it!

Control your content once it has been published on the social funnels

One of the most effective ways to protect your content is checking it in advance. There are plenty of online tools which ought to help you conduct a search of the website for your content.

Copy space is one of the most common devices to check, but you should check the content again by yourselves and other search engines. This will ensure your content is unique and fresh completely.

Ask for help from your hosting provider

If you want to upgrade this task, you will also contact your hosting provider to recommend you some useful tools or other ways to protect your online content.

Taking care your photos while posting 

Many of us miss out the stolen photos because we suppose that no one wants to copy these. In fact, photos are one of the easiest ways to copy!

If you have your photos, you should add your logo to the photo to prove these are yours. Do not treat by taking other photos from other people and add your watermarks in these photos! You may get the photo theft of someone else. Be sure everything is yours only!

Find out your local copyright regulations

Each nation has their different copyright regulations. You probably sue the website owners when you can evaluate the situations are so serious and negative. However, please keep in mind that the task of contacting a lawyer may waste lots of hours and money to sue. You have to prepare everything to participate in this game. It could be another nightmare!

In a nutshell, my opinion is you need to collect your documents and files to prove your sources first. Then, you contact the website owner to request removing your content marketing from their websites in a friendly way. If they are not serious to do that, you will choose other advanced solutions.