Update New Digital Marketing Trends in This Season

Digital marketing trends often change that you should update on a regular basis. If not, you will leave behind the game!

Most digital marketer often knows that they should update new trends in this industry as this is the obvious thing in their job. However, for those who do not work as a marketer, it is hard to know the latest trends in the digital marketing when they want to do marketing online strategy. If you are on this track, you are lucky to come to the right place. I will make a brief to help you stand out!

Marketing videos 

According to some recent statistics, 80% of the global Internet traffic will be moved to marketing videos for the upcoming time, 90% of SNS users subscribe and share videos, 87% of marketers choose videos to promote the brand in their campaigns, 73% of B2B corporates using videos in their advertising campaigns are receiving good results to their ROI, and audiences said that 95% of messages from videos are often staying ahead on their minds.

How to use this trend smartly? 
  • Create a great script and do a unique video
  • Make a precise content 
  • Do your video in order to engage the viewers in the first 7 seconds. Remember, you have only 7 SECONDS!
  • No matter what tools you choose, your videos should ensure they are friendly on the mobile platform
  • Always prepare ideas to make different videos with different content structures 

Live-stream videos on the social funnels

Do you know that most of the social media add the live-streaming feature like Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Tumblr, Snapchat, Musical.ly? It means that you have a bunch of social funnels to go with your videos! By 2021, it is expected that video streaming market will get $70.5 billion.  Furthermore, several clients will want to watch live videos compared to traditional text posts.

How to use this trend effectively?
  • Build live stream events
  • Put a P&Q live video and how to style 
  • Do the live-stream videos of launching your product (it includes new products or current ones)
  • Make the live-stream videos of updating your company news

Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is any kind of content, including visual content which is ready to use for a certain time only. These short-lived videos and posts are prominent on Snapchat and Instagram. All brands enable to use this trend by publishing Snaps on their daily working days or other great behind the scene moments.

How to apply this trend
  • Do your videos are more unique and charming 
  • Keep authentic and personal 
  • Create a story with different kinds of platforms such as entertainment, solve an issue, and teach something new

Everyday AR

AR is the augmented reality conversation has gained a 9.6x development since January 2016, and it is also increasing to several new markets.

AR provides a new view of a physical environment which has been boosted by computer-produced components such as videos, sounds, GPS database, graphics, etc.

In addition to putting a Bitmoji to your videos or photos, AR could be useful for other industries. For instance, realtors are supporting users to their empty homes in their online listings. In the forthcoming time, it is utilized that our phones will enable to translate other languages immediately or measuring furniture just by taking a photo!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new term. In fact, you have already interacted with AI marketing regularly that you do not recognize. This often happens in search results and on the social funnel. 57% of marketers have done use AI in these days. Nevertheless, the use of AI marketing is developing when the technology revamps. It will be increased up to 53% in the next several years.

Lead ads

Typically, Facebook’s lead ads today support users to smoothly sign up for content including contests, newsletters, computers, and smart devices. As the official launch of lead ads in 2015, the new advertising format has transformed a lead generation and is one of the most feasible tools out there on the current market.


Customers often read some reviews from other buyers or prior clients before using a service or a product. In other words, they will access some websites in advance. Google also considers your reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, etc. This is important for improving reviews in the search engine rankings; it ought to break a possible sale for you. Your job is looking for a review system.

Origin advertisement 

There are plenty of ways that brand can produce revenue through advertisements. One of the largest digital marketing trends is custom-made ads which similar to a website’s foundation content.
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Unlike conventional banner ads which do not go with the design or function of the website, native ads are made to precisely combining. Native ads have a notable influence on the user experience, typically single-sponsor campaigns. This structure is not new; it is more contentious now than ever.

Digital directors

In recent years, enterprises began making positions for social funnel managers like L’Oreal. This company is developing for digital marketing directors. Several of these positions are operated by marketing directors or senior product managers.

As more millennials come to the workforce, social media skills are not a big plus. This could be a brief trend or a long-term change to become a hot topic. Digital directors are hired at a management broad and report to themselves.

Final Words

Upgrade some latest trends to help you switch your marketing strategy and plan wisely no matter you are a small business owner, a marketer or not. Digital marketing often happens in your business models.