Why native advertising should be your next campaign with 4 reasons from experts

“Break the stereotypes with native advertising by getting the best advice from the expert on why companies should try this method”

An entirely brand-new concept of doing advertising, though likely to lead to controversy, is known as “Native Advertising”.  Critics wonder whether its objectivity exists or not and their concern emphasizes on misleading consumers. However, no matter how much effort they put on slowing its advance, the major purpose of any firm in general and media one, in particular, is still to generate revenue.  And the reality is native advertising is making real money.

Want to join the discussion and dip your toe into this new field? Vitaly Pecherskiy is there to assist you. He and his peers devoted time to researching the trend as well as behavior impelling this new type of modern marketing. They listed four reasons why companies should apply Native Advertising for their business. So read on to find out:

1. Brands are realizing the heavy impact of loyalty

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a well-known kind of online marketing nowadays. Accordingly, the company will accrue costs for every click from users. Even this method can suit any campaign goals (comprising of increasing sales, creating leads, and building up brand awareness), the ultimate one is still to make the sale. It focuses on potential consumers with the appearance of an ad following them on every screen as long as they are still using the Internet. The repetitious reminders of PPC somehow lead to the success in getting clicks from users even in the relatively small percentage. Simultaneously, in another perspective, an also-humble figure of clicks is from conversations. Generally speaking, a consumer will switch to a customer and money will turn to the goods or services in the end.

However, perhaps Pay-per-click ads work only for established brands which have a long-enough time on the market. Due to the fact that this form of advertising just captures prospects to when people are ready and willing to make a deal. Of course, medium and small companies who are struggling with garnering searches for their products in the top searching results cannot be suitable.

“Native advertising gives companies the opportunity to intellectually establish a bond with their customers through content,” Pecherskiy says. “Their ads are more than a picture and a discount. They are aimed at the heart of the consumer’s values and lifestyle. By forging that connection, companies create loyal customers who return time and again.”

2. Listen to customers’ feelings.

Have you ever thought that one day we will enjoy advertisements in a truly spontaneous way? Consumers will not be pestering due to the suddenly interrupted television commercials thanks to native advertising. Hence, be that as it may, native advertising is still a positive change when ads will not bother audience anymore.

Statistics never tell lies. According to StackAdapt research, More than half of the number of consumers tend to put their belief in branded content rather than the way we advertise as usual. This practice is becoming a trend and you can see it anywhere. A clear example is that youngsters are trusting what influencers, especially their favorite ones, promote more than a plethora of eye-catching advertisements being on the television.

3. Do ads convey meaningful ideas?

Getting an insight into your customers’ mindset is the key element for winning the advertising battle as knowing what they are truly seeking out is more important than anything else. Hence, someone said that good native advertising happens when we just do a little. Because all we need to do is to concentrate on eliciting something making customer burst into laughter or conveying some meaningful messages. By doing this, native advertising offers the chance for a company building up the images as well as weigh in society.
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All in all, we cannot deny the influences on our own culture from thriving nations. But native advertising features a platform to generate the delightful ideas instead of letting the mish-mash of consumerism pour into our culture. Not only does it help us remain cultural identities, but also makes advertising one step closer to our target customers in a truly natural way.

4. Your marketing abilities will be made better thanks to Native Advertising.

No one knows what the most elite features of the product are if it’s still stored in the warehouse. Coming up with this idea, plenty of manufacturers made up their mind to hold the testing program in the public. It means that they offer a chance for consumers using new features without purchasing them. It’s such a brilliant idea when the company can plug their product and promote its key values easily, and yet still attracted the crowd.

Switching a test into something relatable so that strengthen the relationship with customers is such a success worth taking pride in. However, the most focal point is that their users can truly enjoy the insightful content. When everything comes up with a sense of comfort, it’s definitely the most prestigious award for any advertiser.