10 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Trend Is Dominating

Do you think that the influencer marketing trend will dominate other types of marketing? Please follow this article to find the answer.

As we know, 7 or 8 years ago is the era of traditional advertising on television or mainstream media. In recent years, advertising on the social network channels is more popular in many aspects. With YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest, users can easily access their favorite artists and celebrities. Moreover, users are becoming more intelligent and fastidious. They tend to take precautionary advertising from brands, and take hard time listening to the advice of the people they trust. As a result, Influencer Marketing is born because of this demand.

However, Influencer Marketing is quite new in somewhere. Many business owners are hesitant about its effectiveness, or not enough information to get started. In this article, I will devote to talk about 10 advantages of Influencer Marketing trend.

1. Influencer Marketing has the power

Influencer marketing has magic benefits that we cannot count enough
The first strength of Influencer Marketing is that it is very powerful, very influential. Why? It is simply that people are wary of advertising, but will be willing to listen to advice from friends, or from the people they trust. So, the same message as "shoes are soft like flying" if advertised on television, there will be few young people to pay attention to. While the shoe brand, thanks to its celebrity influence on young people, brought the product to a music video, it immediately became a craze. Therefore, a chain of small and large stores are running out of stocks.

2. Influencer Marketing is spread

Influencer marketing has a high level of spreading
The world we live in is covered by the internet, social networking, media channels, and Influencer Marketing built on social media channels. You have to update the trend! According to the Salesforce report, up to 70% of brands have begun to dive into social media.

I also note that, social networking is gradually replacing traditional advertising channels. About 5 to 10 years ago, consumers bought goods based on the ads they read or viewed. Today, things are not so simple. Consumers are smarter and more selective. They choose to buy a product or service based on their experience with the product or service. You will see this change when consumers do not want to read a post on the fan page or watch a video if they find that the brand is just selling to them. Conversely, they are excited and willing to share if the information given is interesting and useful to them.

Influencer Marketing appears and provides this solution for brands. Because it creates an environment with the propagation factor, it transmits the message in the most effective and natural way.

3. Influencer Marketing is very attractive.

If you pay attention, you'll see how well the labels apply the Influencer Marketing trend to the hit movies and music videos of the artists. And then, after the movies, this MV is well known to the public. Naturally, the public will look for your product. So, your products will be hotter than ever, leaving the good impression in the heart of the public.

Another plus point for the attractive factor of Influencer Marketing is that: trust. Once celebrities, experts recommend a specific product, such as a smart phone which takes great photos, a suit for dating. Immediately, followers are in need of buying the good smartphone and the attractive dating suit will contact us right away!

4. Everyone talks about it.

As the famous newspapers like Forbes and many marketing experts talk about "Influencer Marketing", this keyword has become a boom. It has been included in the Google Trends list of words with 5000 percent growth and is continuing to grow in the future. You can clearly see the explosive growth of this keyword in the image below.

5. Influencer Marketing is a good bargain.

With my real experience, believe me, Influencer Marketing is not just a trend, it's a good bargain. It helps you get more profit than you originally spent. Let me tell you another story, the current Influencer Marketing trend has not reached many people, especially in some areas of Asia, while the amount of Influencers is diverse. So, this is the opportunity for you to get a good bargain.

6. Influencer Marketing will get higher value in the future

As I said, Influencer Marketing is a great bargain. However, good things will not be there to wait for you forever. I admit this because I am really lucky to be one of the young people to be popularized the early knowledge from my brothers in the field.

7. Consumers have been bored of direct advertisements

We are stuffed with too many direct ads! When we stop for the red light, someone handed out flyers. When we park our cars in the supermarkets, marketing staff approach us. Or when we are watching a good movie on the website, the annoying ads pop up on the screen for about 10 seconds. It’s really irritating!

Whether you notice it or not, there are still full of ads around us. According to a study by Infolinks, only 14% of consumers can remember the last ad content they saw! And this boredom is once again evidenced when products such as AdBlock, Netflix, and Spotify Premium are consumed quickly. Yes, once you are tired, you will find as much as possible ways to get rid of them.

8. Influencer Marketing is a natural and an ingenious ad format.

Let’s make a small comparison with traditional ads. Grab the attention of users by crossing their experiences, the natural ads are the ads with good content, making users feel excited to view and read. From here, they will actively seek the similar information about the brand. After all, loving means sharing.

9. Influencer Marketing supports SEO well

When many people click on the link on a fanpage shared by influencers, or when more people are referring to your site, your site immediately becomes a "dear" to Google. The rankings are pushed higher, which means that the website will be more and more recommended, so that the SEO work for the website suddenly more favorable with the help of Influencer Marketing.

10. Influencer Marketing can be measured

As the digital world has changed the advertising landscape, there are no longer the unpredictable metrics of traditional advertising anymore. Every website is measured by the number of visits, traffic, likes, and even photos uploaded to Facebook are recorded.

This is the basis for people in the field to dissect and choose when starting an advertising campaign. One of this is selecting which Kols to match the target audience of the brand or adjust the content thanks to the favorite index, the interaction of each post on the fanpage. Influencer Marketing is gradually taking over the market thanks to this advantage.

I hope you find this article helpful. Wish you had a nice day!