4 Super Easy Tips On How To Build An Email Marketing List With A Giveaway

You didn’t want to spend much money creating a massive email list, right? But growing it is pretty much like climbing a mountain or a traverse a hilly terrain. So it certainly takes a lot of time, hard efforts, and perseverance. Today, we’re going to share only four simple tips on how to build an email marketing list with a giveaway, which is believed to optimize the growth of your email lists in a short span of time!

Great reasons why building your email marketing list is important! 

4 Super Easy Tips On How To Build An Email Marketing List With A Giveaway

Following the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing owns the average ROI of $40 for each one-dollar spent. Take a look at these essential statistics below:
  • 42% of users opened and read the marketing emails in their inbox
  • 30% of them ignored most of them but thoroughly read all of the subject lines
  • 35% of users had availed a coupon/discount from one of these emails in the last week
  • 33% of them had availed a discount from one of their emails in the last month 
Well, it sounds like building a huge email marketing list is an excellent way to increase business’ sales. After growing your email list to a certain number of subscribers, don’t hesitate to run a giveaway contest, which is strongly trusted to appeal even more people to register for the list.
Here’s the catch: Most of us do not want to add only random names to the email list, but the quality subscribers who are potentially our ideal clients. So building email marketing list is the ultimate goal for any business to reach.

How to build an email marketing list using a giveaway?

So do you just decide to host a giveaway for your online store? If it’s a candle store online, how about giving away candles worth $100 to the only one lucky winner chosen to your email list at the end of the month?

An example of email list buildup with candle giveaway
Okay, we know that contest always work, but to know what prize to offer for each business? And how possible it is to promote it to capture several email addresses? Here are the key elements determining a successful contest: Premise, ease of contest, prize, and promotion.

1. Define the foundation of your contest 

A wedding contest of Crate & Barrel
Having this for your reference to help you define what you intend to ask the users to submit as an entrance to your contest. Here are a few examples that you might find it handy:
  • A clip contest where the participants submit their best card-playing trick
  • A photography contest where the entrants must submit their loveliest pet photos
  • A test contest where people need to show off their best jokes, poems, or funny stories 
Don’t underestimate such a premise of your contest, especially by the time you decide which one is worth the best practice.

2. Consider the ease of your contest 

Learning how to build an email marketing list is not easy! Before holding any contest, you need to consider how to make it easy to participants. Imagine that you’re asking them to submit their answers to join your contest (story, photo, video, etc.), the ease of that content would be the most critical element to the whole success of it.

Then why not taking advantage of your smartphone to make it easier for creating such content? Doing so can help to improve the volume of entries you gain by only tapping the areas where people already had plenty of content produced.

Try to put a lot of thought into the content you choose to share over the social networks. According to a New York Times research, 94% of people who pay attention to how the content they will share might be handy to others, while 68% of others only consider what that content will say about them when they share their content.

Therefore, whenever deciding on the premise, ensure to inquire yourself if that content you’re supposed to ask others to submit is truly the type of content you’re joyful to share on social media channels or not.

In case you’re not happy or willing to share it on your social networks, the higher chances that other entrants or visitors won’t be as well.

3. Choose a suitable prize/giveaway

Apart from offering an obviously attractive cash prize, you must also offer a prize or a giveaway that can speak to your business niche. We’ll let you know up front how to prepare a few basic things to describe your giveaway:
  • It should have an eye-catching headline for giveaway listing
  • Don’t miss leaving a few sentences about that giveaway
  • Further rules or regulations
You’re usually asked to enter the headline, body copy, starting/ending dates as well as the rules for your giveaway. It’s suggested to include the rules at the bottom of every giveaway and write something clear and interesting for your headline.
An example of Mommy giveaway
Let’s choose a targeted prize that is not just less expensive but also appealing to some kinds of people you want to attract. For example, your purpose is to raise people’s awareness for your newly released flavor; the prize could be: Each person will get one free sample of our new flavor.

So better than going bigger, think of anything that truly appeals to your target market and your niche only. Doing so save a lot of money and even draw more of people who you want to be on your email marketing list.

4. Promote your contest to earn entries

After completely setting up your premise and chosen prize, it’s time for contest promotion to earn as several entries as possible. Here are the best ways you can apply for your contest:
  • Send an email campaign to notify the subscribers of your contest
  • Put it on your website, properly a popup or a header bar
  • Share it through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  • Co-operate with influencers in industry to promote a valuable giveaway or prize
  • Write a press release to reach more relevant newspaper or television stations
So we’ve just shared the simplest tips on how to build email marketing list with a giveaway or contest to grow your business. Since giveaways is an excellent option to accelerate that growth further - Let’s strategize and invest more time as well as make use of all necessary you collect to make new contacts and drive sales.