4 Tips To Make Better Facebook Live Videos

Description: Are you looking for how to upgrade your live videos on Facebook? Here are 4 tips for you.

Though Facebook has been in deep trouble with the Cambridge Analytica incident, it still remains as the world’s most-visited social platforms. Facebook Livestream or live social video on Facebook is a recent feature from Facebook developers. Since the introduction of Facebook Live videos in 2016, marketers and content creators have quickly included it as part of their social media marketing approach. Facebook Live has now received 3.5 billion broadcasts since its first debut.

Facebook Live video is vital part of online marketing strategy.
Facebook Live is undeniably one of the best ways to engage the audience since they can interact and share their comments immediately. For content creators, Facebook Live provides a stage for them to create unique and creative content to their viewers. Recent research from Facebook shows that 81% Facebook’s users watch live streaming content than they did before its debut. So using live videos on Facebook is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Brands using Facebook Live also have chances to get closer to their customers and be able to respond quickly to any popped-up questions.

However, it is not easy to create content for Facebook Live since it requires more time and determination than other traditional online marketing approaches. Below are some tips on how to create a live video with attractive content.

A well-prepared outline is essential

You should never start shooting your live video before knowing what you want in the video. The location, topic and the host of the video should be carefully chosen. Are you able to access to your scheduled event during a high-traffic time? How should you attract more viewers? Will the appearance of celebrities or influencers draw more attention? How long do you want the video to last? Are you able to cover the topic within the time frame?

Don’t hesitate to do shooting tests before the shooting time. This will help you know what works best for the audience. If you want a sense of profession, you should use a high-quality camera and entrust a video-making team for a better outcome. For the experiment, a smartphone attached to a selfie stick is enough to film. You should check the outcome to see if it what you want to do on the real video shoot.

Last but not least, don’t stick with one video strategy over time. Watching closely to the video trends on Facebook and the performance after each video will give you a glimpse of what to do next.

Keep in mind: Location, Location, Location.

The content of videos is important, but don’t forget important things. Since Facebook live video requires a steady wifi connection, you should check the location’s wifi service to avoid any potential interruption. It’s also essential to have more than one shooting location. For example, you can always move indoor (if you plan before) from an outdoor shoot if the weather is unstable to have a clear shot.

Background noise can destroy your video shoot. So remember to do a throughout sound check before shooting. If the background noise is too loud, the viewers will not hear what’s happening in the video. In this case, you should either move to a new location or consider using a microphone.

Be unique, be creative

Viewers are often drawn to interesting content or experiences that they have never seen before anywhere else. So if you are able to present unprecedented videos to your audience, it will compel the audience’s rapt attention.

A good example is from Forbes. Their most-watched video features the interview of Kim Kardashian West by reporter Natalie Robehmed at the 2017 Forbes Women’s Summit. The interview, which lasts for 9 minutes, has attracted 185,000 views. In the video, Kim shared her point of view on business and her own strategy in the male-dominated business world.

Another interview conducted by Forbes’ reporters at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The video features Director of Admissions and his rigorous fitness test. Together with the release of Forbes’s 2017 Top College List, the video received over 150,000 views, more than 370 shares, and 1,200 likes. When the Military Academy shared the video on its Facebook page, Forbes was able to reach a new group of audience from military families and friends.

Quality should always be the top priority

Because you can’t edit Facebook live videos, you may feel a bit nervous about not knowing what may happen. However, things will fall into place if you have prepared for the content carefully. Quality of the content should always be the top priority. You should always have a draft of what the video looks like. The video should follow a structure of 3 parts including an introduction, the main content, and a wrap-up to end the video.

Everything you want to include in the video should have a clear purpose and directly relate to your brand. If the live video includes products, never use the sales-y voice to urge the audience. Instead, be interactive, creative, and unique.