5 Essential Tips for your marketing strategy on social media

Description: Content marketing on social media needs more than a casual strategy. Read on to find out 5 tips to make a perfect online marketing strategy.

Social platforms have long been considered link-sharing centers that directed users toward content hubs. But that period’s over. Social media nowadays has become an indispensable part of the users, thus demanding a quick change in the marketing strategy of marketing executives.

How to design a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy using social platforms? Here are 5 tips content marketers who want to master social media should pay attention to.

1. Include influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a new form of marketing which involves the cooperation between celebrities or social media influencers and content-driven marketing campaign. Influencer marketing can be beneficial to marketing campaign as it will be supported by the influencers’ advocates.

For example, PewDiePie, a Youtube influencer, worked with the marketers of a horror film to create a series of videos in which he took challenges in the film’s shooting location. PewDiePie has got nearly double the views for his videos, and so does the movie trailer. Another example by Forbes as they claim their Instagram view skyrocketed when evangelist/model Karlie Kloss and musician The Weekend took it over to support Forbes’s yearly Under 30 lists.

What you need to do is to create your network of influencers. If you don’t know where to start, better contact your local social media agency to get help.

2. Outline a strategy.

What to do first, when to execute, how to launch the marketing campaign are the guideline questions that keep your feet on the ground. Always remind yourself the reason why you are doing something on social platforms. Moreover, you need defined aims, a plan, and resources to get your marketing campaign going. Therefore, you need to draft your marketing strategy.

Once you have a picture, it will be easier to eliminate what doesn’t fit the picture or review what needs to be fixed. Let’s say, you want to launch a Tumblr account for your marketing campaign. From a business perspective, what is the target? What messages do you want to delivery to readers? If you fail to answer these questions, the launch of Tumblr doesn’t fit the whole plan. Is it worth the time and resources to execute? Always ask and reevaluate your ideas.

3. Data is powerful

Never ignore your data once execute your content marketing plan on social media platforms. Data talks. It tells you where you need to fix and how to build better engagement.

Both weekly and monthly performance reports are essential. Even a small reaction of the users can tell you which direction you are heading and whether it is effective or not.

A person who daily parses the data from your social streams is needed, not only because he or she will not only analyze the data for you but also alert what and when you need to change. In this way, you will invest your time to create better content and better engagement rates from the audience.

4. Pay attention to the change in social media platforms

Social media platforms are ever-changing places. It could be the policy, or it could be the stream of new products appearing every day that requires your full attention to the change in social media platforms.

In December, Facebook carried out a new policy to fight “fake news.” The policy doesn’t allow users to modify the headlines and descriptions of posts they linked. Many marketers quickly changed their approaches right after this announcement. Can you make such a quick move in the ever-changing social media platforms?

Watching social media platforms closely enables you to quickly adapt your marketing strategy, thus keeping up with the pace with your company’s rivals. Don’t be the one who is left behind.

5. Social media platforms are destinations, not just distribution channels. 

Link-outs from social posts are obsolete. These days, users most likely keep their eyeballs on the social platforms and spend most of their time there. Therefore marketing executives should stop consider social platforms merely distribution channels, but rather destinations themselves.
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Social marketers need to be more than understood to acquire and control social media platforms. When social media was new, it’s a piece of cake to execute it. The story has changed. Marketers need to be fluent in using social media. For that reason, an experienced and devoted marketing team is worth to invest in. It is vitally important that this specific team will help improve the brand awareness, growth and audience engagement.

Social media platforms should be executed throughout. The goal is to distribute content equally to any social media platforms which users expect to see it there.