5 Super Easy Tips For Your Next Email Blast?

In this age of social media, email remains one of the most effective ways to reach your contacts. So no matter if you’re seeking to boost, restart, or start email marketing for business, you’re just making a smart decision.

Getting ready to have your next email blast delivered, but still wondering how to do to boost your results? This article was literally made for you - we’re going to share our five simple tips that can make your clients open your emails and engage with your startups or small business.

What is an email blast? 

Email blast make your consumers open emails to engage your business
The definition of an email blast and that of a newsletter are just different, but in general, they’re availed in the same way. And they both share one purpose only that is to engage the potential clients by using several of the same tools.

So what is an email newsletter? It’s pretty much the similar thing as a conventional newsletter, the big difference here is how it gets transmitted to the clients via the use of email. Your business receives a list of potential users who get interested in your services. A newsletter will be created for that group of consumers, and then it’s sent out to all of them.

As you know, an efficient email blast or newsletter will be the ones which make an attempt to provide the reader with value, whereas spam is only junk. Furthermore, spam is delivered randomly to a handful of email addresses with no particular reason behind from who send it to.

And the whole idea is to aim at those who are supposed to get interested in the topic. And by sticking our super easy tips for your next email blast, you’re ensured to be right on the track.

#1 Prepare a great list, not a big one

Stop misunderstanding that the email marketing only works effectively as long as you’ve got a large number of contacts, maybe thousands, for the most part, which is not true at all. In other words, your email marketing still makes sense no matter what size the address list you’re currently having, or even when it’s only a few of contacts.

The important thing to consider here is how to make your emails resonate well. How to do that? You must guarantee the email list to consist of contacts whom you have an intense working relationship with. When not having such a list, try to emphasize on creating one before starting to send out anything.

Only decent email addresses are seen way better than the quantity of them. So as you feel unsure whether you’ve got a great list, please move on our next tip below.

#2 Have your list personalized with segmentation

An email list segmentation
By segmenting your list and email messages, you’ll be capable of sending the highly-targeted emails and aim at your desired consumers. This kind of email marketing segmentation will soon transform your most generic email content to the more suitable messages that are likely to resonate with the potential recipients.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to achieve this by taking advantage of any modern email marketing software to segment your emails to the right recipients depending on a handful of elements: age, sex, region, past email.

#3 Understand your subscribers

Take steps to better understand your subscribers, such as who they are, what they’re fond of, and how to improve your relationship with them. The more you think of them, the more you might recognize how different these groups you’re trying to chat with all at once.

Rather than blasting your contacts with the same materials, why not taking time to figure out how to deliver a more private experience to each of them. Note that while some folks on the list are your lifelong clients, others are properly new to your business.

Make sure to set up the separate email lists to effectively aim at different kinds of contacts you want. Here are two basic examples how each industry segmented their list:
  • A cosmetics store emailed a coupon to their clients who buy makeup and another to those who purchase skincare items
  • A financial company emailed to their customers the IRS reminder and others about re-balancing their portfolios

#4 Include one call to action

A good CTA button must be bigger to catch reader’s eye
Think about what to do to convince one of your recipients to open your promotional emails! This is only the start since you need to know how to ask them to do once you’ve just drawn their attention. Bear in mind that without a compelling call to action, all of the attempts and planning can be for nothing.

Besides, these call-to-action buttons are very important, especially when being used in the email campaigns that might connect to somewhere out of your email, and to a web or an online application. They’re highly likely to raise the click-through rates by clarifying the reader what the upcoming step they need to take.

Here are the most common factors deciding the success of a call-to-action button:
  • Size: A standard button size is usually much bigger to easily catch the reader’s attention
  • Design: A call-to-action button for your email blast must own design factors that links do not have, such as gradients or shadows. This helps them pop off the whole page and become striking in front of the readers
  • Color: Give the button a different shade to the background and your text since this contrast can catch the eye and make readers notice more
  • Whitespace: Once you set away button from other factors in the email, this whitespace can form a region free from distraction - causing the reader right to the button

#5 Track your email marketing results 

What if you’re not tracking and measuring the final results, how could you ever dream to boost on what you’ve been trying hard to do. Also, don’t ignore one of the massive benefits of availing an email marketing service, especially as it allows us to track our results effectively through reports.

Don’t forget to measure your email marketing results 
These reports will reveal exactly how many customers are opening emails, tapping the links, and sharing the content. They also give us more insights into what type of information the audience love to know the most and then offer a benchmark to boost every time you strike the button “send”.

Please do not ignore any of these tips we’ve just shared with you as it comes to the email blast. Consider it as a badass marketing tool to get you back on track with your business. Ensure to form a proper plan to get in touch with your subscribers effectively by delivering the right and truly valuable messages. Last but not least, never forget to measure the influence of your attempts.