Boost Your Business With Infusionsoft, Best Of Email Marketing Companie

Email marketing is literally one of the best ways to get in touch with your audience for making sales and turning one-time clients into the lifelong customers. However, there are a handful of email marketing companies on the marketing promising to create the high-quality and good-looking emails for you to choose from.

But how do you know which one is worth investing in?
Luckily, we’ve got one, the Infusionsoft or the best email marketing tool for startups and small businesses.

We recommend...Infusionsoft - best of email marketing companies in 2017

Without much ado, you’ll be told the best email marketing provider offering the best email campaigns and newsletter for your startup. And it’s none other than the Infusionsoft.

First, it understands much about the true importance of scalability and its success in the whole business. To gain it, what you need to do is marketing where your clients are - and until today that’s known as the email.

Boost Your Business with InfusionSoft, Best of Email Marketing Companies

So carrying out the email marketing software is one of the initial steps on your path to becoming a scalable business. If you’ve got 25 employees and yearly produce around $3 million in revenue, the Infusionsoft will be undoubtedly the best out of other email marketing companies made for you.

It’s because your business has successfully made the right transition from a startup to a small business, you might need a more effective tool to implement your email marketing.

As it comes to the Infusionsoft, it does not simply serves as an email marketing software but also acts effectively in streamlining the marketing campaign by mixing your sales, CRM, and the automation tool as well as online shop into one platform.

Greater than expected, Infusionsoft’s ability will enable you to freely design a wide variety of professional-looking emails, create email campaigns, measure how each email and campaign is working and offer the flexible deliverability tool.

Email design

First of all, email designing is the an essential element needed for all small businesses to support the goal of the email you’re sending. We’ve got 3 different kinds of emails in which each one kickstarts specific goals:
  • Marketing emails: It offers a broader category known as the bulk email. They’re usually sent by a business to a subscriber list. You will see that it owns newsletters, promotions, product/service announcement, flash sale announcement, etc.
  • Transactional emails: These types verify the interactions with a brand and the email receiver expects to have them. A transactional email consists of purchase, notice of shipment, welcome emails, account alerts, password resets and more.
  • Personal emails: These appear between the widely-known individuals and specific groups. It’s private in the sense that both sender and recipient know each other, but they also have business-related email as well.
As a trustworthy email broadcast builder, Infusionsoft enables us to produce emails and broadcasts straight within the app. It’s possible to design your desired emails utilizing the templates provided or have your own customized by dragging-and-dropping actions to embed the suitable headlines, text and image boxes, videos from YouTube, social media buttons and a lot more.

An Infusionsoft email broadcast
Now it’s not hard anymore for you to personalize your emails by customizing, altering, and saving any template of your favorite for future use.

Email campaign builder

By having this feature, as a startup owner, you’re able to produce a series of follow-up email campaigns caused by some actions - a contact which opens an email, or when one employee calls a client. Wait no more to create the effective campaigns from scratch or have the pre-made templates available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace al customized at any time you like.

A screenshot of Infusionsoft’s campaign builder feature
As we know, in order to “wow” your clients and make sure that they feel their own needs and big concerns are vital – it’s essential to stay on top of their contacts and requests your business receives.

Coming to the Infusionsoft – the best of other email marketing companies, you will be provided with the Automate Contact Requests campaign, ensuring all of the prospects and other requests get an instant response. By doing so, your clients and prospects get to know that you truly care to take their correspondence.

Give it a try, when it comes to the possibility of designing these campaigns that can automate different tasks, such as sending birthday emails to your customers, shopping cart reminders or other events follow-ups.

Analytics - Sales & Marketing reports

The user interface screenshot of Infusionsoft, Lead Source ROI
Now gone are the times when you must place the message out there and then hope for the best. It’s possible to measure exactly what’s actually working well, what’s not, and the return on investment for all emails, webpages, and email campaigns that you’ve just produced.

Infusionsoft gives you a chance to access both statistics and reports that give you more details of the email engagement, consisting the specific number of emails delivered, opened, closed and clicked. Use such reports to assess the overall email campaign’s effectiveness.

The Infusionsoft platform is good enough to help you consider what things look like for the past, present, and future. It sifts through the mountains of data to give you a 360-degree picture of what’s really happening. And that’s what the sale reports can do.

Besides, let’s forget temporarily the spreadsheets or guessing efforts as well as other clunky methods of assessing your marketing. Infusionsoft marketing reports will deliver millions of data points to offer you a view of what happens in your business. And you just gain the key materials you need from these.

Just can’t wait? Let’s use Infusionsoft sales reports and marketing statistics to put those numbers on your side, to make the best decisions as you expected for the business.


After reviewing the whole content of your emails to guarantee that you won’t include any specific link or text that properly cause the spam filters. You’re also given some great tips on how to implement the list hygiene, which is an good practice of cleaning the email lists so that your recipients’ addresses can be more deliverable.

Being smarter and more intentional with your small business attempts, it’ll help your business thrive this year and beyond. As it comes to the best of email marketing companies that can be equipped for your success, choose the Infusionsoft.