Content Marketing In 2018: Trends For Success

“Content marketing is there to stay in 2018. Update the latest trends to follow this year to keep up with the race”

Content is a strategic asset that has survived the test of time and will thrive in a foreseeable future.  As technology changes, the trends that that boost content marketing to its current position are evolving and renewing themselves and unless brands adapt and stay on top of the newest, their effort to keep digital engagement will fall flat. Here we will give you quick up-to-date trends so that you can come up with the shiniest strategies for your brands:

Videos will take content marketing by storm

In terms of potential reach, videos are beyond compare. Videos were expected to be huge in 2017 and this trend will be dominant in 2018 to come. The two star players now are YouTube and Facebook. HubSpot did an extensive research last year to point out the vital role that videos play in content marketing, some of the takeaways are: 48% of marketers have already planned to go for videos in the following year, which means 2018, and 46% will launch their videos on Facebook (They are doing it right now as we speak).  Axonn even claims that 7 out of 10 people have a positive feeling towards brands after watching videos from them.

Long gone the time when videos are the playground of folks with expensive cameras and high-end software. Now anyone can tap into the world of this highly visual content with a smartphone, a tripod, and a creative mind. Just observe the most famous micro influencers on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook if you need more evidence to become a believer. The fall of production costs has made it easier for small businesses to get in the game. Take a look at what Twitter’s Vine, which enabled you to create six seconds maximum clip length, did. Although it was shut down last year, Vine is still a prime example of how easy it is nowadays to make videos that have the chance to go viral.

Social media isn’t dead just yet

Relying on a third party is a risky enterprise as it can change the way it works in just a short notice, so your best bet is to take the matter into your own hand and build your own distribution platforms. Email marketing is classic and even with the rise of social media that makes emails seem boring and awkward, it still works to some extent and plus, it is suitable for most of the businesses. In-person events are also alive and doing fine.

However, the number of already engaged audience on social media is too large to ignore. Facebook’s changes that limit the chances of brands to appear on News Feed and its gradual decline in reach rate don’t herald the doomsday for social media as platforms to distribute content. Familiarize yourself with these new mini trends as suggested by content marketing strategists. Facebook Messenger is making a grand entrance and those who can use it can expect to see the explosive reach and huge engagement. Influencer marketing is also on the rise as brands realize how important human connection is in the buying process. Facebook isn’t the sole player in advertising anymore. As it’s becoming more and more competitive to win the auction, smart marketers are turning towards Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit and the initial results are wonderful, so why wasting much of your time and money to win a spot on Facebook while you have the chance to achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the price elsewhere?

Content is moving from brand-centric to reader-centric

It’s no secret that no one likes a brand which praises itself repeatedly. If readers don’t feel your content is useful enough to be shareable, the chances of it becoming viral are rather slim. Sure, native marketing has made it easier for posts to be in front of the right people at the right form, but what’s the point of paying Outbrain, Taboola, or Gravity to get your content on big publishers if what you wrote there isn’t captivating or relevant enough to engage them?
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Take a look at what the major players are doing with their content marketing strategy. In 2017, Apple spent over 1 billion on original TV shows with the ultimate goal to promote its streaming platform. Pepsi also claimed its share in the game by opening a massive content studio in Manhattan. Smaller brands are investing big in content as well. But with a rather limited budget, their scales and campaigns are not attracting as much attention as Apple’s and Pepsi’s. If you belong to the latter group, you might want to make use of these following tools, which will help you save a ton but at the same time, creating good quality content that customers want to read. How-to articles and ebooks can be made easy by Skitch, which enables you to take and markup screenshots. Snappa’s nature is similar to that of Canva but is more user-friendly.