Developing Email Marketing Solutions Via Facebook

Email marketing has been a common strategy that people use to promote their online businesses. With this strategy of promoting a brand, you can be able to reach many people at a go. It has also proven to be one of the most marketing strategies online. Having the right email marketing solutions will help you promote your brands and enhance the dominance online.
Facebook, supposedly the social media with the most users, has been used by many businesses to promote their brands. So when the email marketing is integrated with Facebook, it becomes easier, and you can easily gain more clients when you combine the two.

How do you use Facebook to promote your email marketing?

You can make the email advertising easier by including an email subscription form to your Facebook Page. With this, the clients can easily fill out the required information and subscribe to your email list. Some e-marketing providers let you include a tab that will have a subscription form. With this, your followers will make the subscription easier. You will not have to send other email links for the target audience to subscribe. This will be even simpler since it will be open on the Facebook Page, so they will fill it as they are accessing their Facebook account. That said, here are some ways you can make the Facebook marketing more profitable.

Email Marketing Solutions

• Add the Facebook icon in the emails

To allow people to get connected with your Facebook profile and the email lists, you will want to include the icon. With the icon, they can click on it and will be redirected to your Facebook profile. Also, it is not all about adding a small icon at the bottom of the page. It has been studied that most of the visitors will only look at the first or the upper part of the page. So if you place it at the bottom of the email, it might not be viewed easily. You might want to place a big icon that is viewed easily without much difficulty.

• Send a dedicated campaign

Rather than sending an email trying to convince the target users to subscribe, you can send a particular email that has been dedicated to Facebook. You may explain some details of the email, but having some screenshots of your Facebook page will help prove that you are offering reliable services.

• Offer some incentives

When it comes to winning the online population, it is all about convincing them as much to join or subscribe to your email list. You will want to ensure that you tell them what they get when they join the campaign. For instance, if you are selling an item, you can assure them of saving money or getting a discount when they subscribe to your campaign. Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial incentive. You can choose to promise the lucky subscribers to feature in the next email campaign that you will have. If you have a campaign that has some visual aspects, you could add the photos of the particular users.

• Ask them to share

You might also want to ask them to share the Facebook content that they have received. If they see you asking them to share, they will consider doing so. At times, they might not want to share the content, until they are reminded to do so, so you might want to remember to ask them to share.

Is it Important to depend on Facebook for the email marketing solutions?

Yes, Facebook helps you manage your email broadcasting in an easier way that is full of fun. It will be more interesting since you will view the visual content. When the a user sees their photo or a photo of a person they know in the email campaign, they might be more willing to share the content. With the subscription form included in the Facebook Page, it will be much easier to have people on your email list. The campaign will reach out a lot of people if it is more appealing. The secret here is to develop content that is more attractive and worth sharing. When the users see content that is appealing to them, they will want their friends to view it. Since you will be using Facebook to carry out your campaign, you will stand a chance of getting even more subscribers.

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