How APPS Change Our Lives

“Here is how apps have changed our lives for the better”

Nowadays, smartphones become the indispensable things in our daily life since more and more people spent their time on available apps, estimated around 3 hours per day. There is countless of apps making smartphones extremely fascinating. They can easily use these apps to remark their memorable moment by shooting, share their interest with the others, shop online and many other things.

We are benefiting a lot from the technology. Though sometimes these apps can weaken your phone for a while most people are trying to regulate their smartphone habits. Samsung’s VP Mobile and IT (UK/Ireland) Conor Pierce stated that we should let smartphone be slaves, not our masters and we should control them to create your own distinctive world. It can be said that smartphones are one of the most influenced tools in the basic days but it depends much on the purpose of the users.

The users are experimenting the huge amount of app ever and apps that are available is more preferable. We estimate that there are more than 6 million apps now on Google Play and the iOS app store. Thus it is quite difficult for both users and publisher to take control all of them. Despite that fact, we still seek for and explore them. In the first 3 months of 2018, the total downloads on iOS and Google Play reach more than 27.5 billion, increasing 10% compared to this amount in the same quarter last year and it is also the largest amount up to now.

It is okay to spend your time on Candy Crush or something like that if you like and have fun. However, this would be a luxury thing like you drive an expensive car, Ferrari or Audi for example to the supermarket every day. Here are some recommended apps for you to use your phones conveniently:

Apps to manage your money

It seems like every bank will have their own apps for the customers
Everyday banking: These days, it seems like every bank will have their own apps for the customers to control your bank account, transfer money to the others, pay for something you buy or electric/ water bills and so on by a safety way. By this way, banking apps are more and more popular. To meet the demand of users, there are some apps like HSBC which allow you to use any bank accounts, credit cards from a wide range of banks are created.

Getting the best rates abroad: Some banks in the UK offer the new way with their apps such as Revolution for us to use the money, we can spend money abroad with no fee and also give us the best exchange rates.

Kid’s pocket money: GoHenry app allow us to transfer money to our kid’s card automatically and that would be opened when you finish some required tasks.

App to remain centered and organize things

Remaining centered: The ForestApp is like FocusList since you can make it work with the Pomodoro system. However, they still have some minor difference, more detailed, the ForestApp can stop you from “phubbing” your phone. You just set a timer, usually 25 minutes each with Pomodoro system and put your phone down since at that time you are disabled to make a call, check messages or surf the internet. If you complete without distraction a tree will be grown, or else your tree will die. The point is that you can look back and count your trees in the forest to see how it works during a week.

Sorting out ideas, keywords, and plans: If you want to have a second brain where you can store lots of information and arrange them anywhere, anytime then let log in Evernote.  All things considered, enter Evernote. Evernote will offer you a space to do these things. This is a new version originated from notice app on your phone but more advanced that you can attach links, tables, attachment or audio recordings as well. Indeed, even manually written notes are accessible.

Apps to improve yourselves

You can learn anything you like in a short time! If you are hungry for knowledge despite reading dozens of books or listen to E-books then Blinkist is an ideal app for you. With this app, you can attack thousands of best-selling books from different categories. You can easily read it when sitting on the bus or listen to them while doing housework.

Adapting new, great, propensities: The Habitica application gives you a chance to regard your life as an amusement to keep you inspired while achieving objectives. You just simply create an account and enter your day to day objectives, make a plan for the day, make your symbol and you're ready. When finishing up your goals and duties you avatar level will be up as well. You can also compete with the others in some features such as animals, skills, quests. It is quite interesting! Habitica can encourage you to work and record your effort too.

Apps to keep healthy - body and mind

Apps for health
Running: If you plan to run but easily give up after few miles, or you want to push yourself work more, fun app Zombies Run will definitely help you out. The application sends unreal zombies chasing after you, you can also hear their sounds which can make you as fast as possible to get far away from them.
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Strengthen your mind: Shine is expected to help you de-stress and chill off. The first product of Shine called Shine Text which sends you message involving articles, quotes, and action every day without fail to improve your mental strength. You just need to sign up by providing your name and phone number.