How to create an effective mobile message for your mobile campaign?

“Having trouble creating a mobile message for your campaign? Here we will show you how”
To create a successful mobile marketing campaign, a marketer cannot ignore to create a delight mobile message. It is obvious that mobile marketing now more and more effective in reaching potential customer than any other platforms. Mobile is by far the most personal approach to marketing, but also the most sensitive channel. The recent study shows that 60% of email is opened on a mobile device and 70% of them will be ignored if it isn’t optimized for mobile accessibility.

Based on this possible insight, more and more markets use a responsive design for their email marketing campaign. The strategy is formatted automatically for the web page content can be viewed on mobile screen. Furthermore, for optimizing email CTAs with mobile users, there are 2 keys that every marketer should keep in mind:
  1. Place the CTA message above the fold whenever possible
  2. Keep the button “tap-able” with at least 44-44 pixels
  3. “From” field with maximum 23 characters and the subject line is only 40 characters
  4. Optimize the “click-through” goes to a landing page. Make it as easy to access (in the mobile platform) as possible. 
Indeed, the great way is creating a mobile-friendly landing page for an email campaign. The unique landing page also helps the marketer in measuring a range of metrics as well as monitoring effectively the success of the mobile campaign.

Here are some tips for creating a unique mobile-friendliness:
  1. Mobile users select an item by finger, so keep the image of buttons pronounced and the layout simple. 
  2. Minimal form and fewer fields are better
  3. Re-sized images for different devices is a must
  4. The mobile screen is vertical, so make it look good in the vertical aspect.
The second form of mobile marketing is SMS and MMS platform.
SMS means “short message service” and it works perfectly effective if the marketer can manage to send a personal content to reach his potential customers. With nearly 4 million of the mobile user and 90% of them receive and read the SMS message within 3 minutes, it is actually powerful channels to expand the mobile campaign.

The rate of opening email is only 22% but the rate for SMS is nearly 100% and it means that text message is much more effective in engaging customer than any other form of mobile advertising. The action turn to purchasing decision is 50% in US market.

So, it is important for a marketer to keep in mind that the more personal he reach the customer, the more effective his mobile marketing campaign implement. The personal reaching reflect the marketer’s determination to approach his potential customer in their pocket (and purpose).

Be personal, respectful and clear are three keys factors for any marketer in using mobile marketing. In other words, they can be noted like:
  • Keep every context short and clear
  • No use of slang words or strange abbreviation
  • Point out the value to customer
  • Reach them personally, but respectfully
  • CTA - orientated
The third one placing multimedia content on your message to make it more interesting and eye-catching. The marketer can includes text, photo, video or any other types of media to create a creative content for their marketing. However, displaying those mix of things logically and nicely is the key point. The media option expands the capacity for a mobile marketing campaign by allowing marketer to stick the brand’s image to the message and creating a “tie-in” action to customer. The click-through rate (CTR) average is 15% higher in engaging customer. The receiver seem to share these message if they find it interesting and visualized, than the normal text content.
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Thank the rich media experience, marketers have more options to be creative in their campaign, but the core principle is: making content visualized, creative and shareable!

The last thing that every marketers have to keep in mind when using mobile marketing is taking privacy regulation seriously! There are three governed regulations related to privacy for marketers to remember are:
  • Make adequate notice and inform their customers that they will be received mobile message from you
  • Ensure the opt-in consent and get your customer’s confirmation before sending marketing message to them
  • Create an opt-out solution and make it clear to customer that they can opt-out of the program whenever they want
Indeed, mobile phone is personal thing and by reaching customer on their phone, the marketer and the product’s provider is breaking some level of the customer’s privacy. It isn’t an extreme but it needs a permission to do that way. Mobile marketing can be powerful tool to promote your brand and products, but only if you create a positive impression for your customer. Noticing them about your upcoming events is not a big deal but spamming them everyday with rude content is definitely the best way to kick you out of the market. Only when you can manage to deliver mobile message nicely and respectfully, the key of mobile marketing is on your hand!