How to do email advertising effectively?

This article will provide you a full and comprehensive image about email advertising, which you might not find anywhere. Keep reading!

Whether you are an individual or a business promoting an internet product or service, customer email collection, and a core element need to be made at the present time. This article provides you series of email advertising guide from AZ, which will introduce you to the concept of email marketing, how to do email marketing in a correct way. It will help you not bring troubles to customers but satisfy them with your brand and product. Then, your service will be more well-known, becoming a tool for effective email marketing. Let's find out many tips to help you reach more customers through email.

Important notes you should not miss out

Many people now view email marketing as a type of SPAM promotion, scan or buy e-mails online and use mass mailing software. If you intend to do so, your service will be very unprofessional and annoying to your customers. It is properly not your main purpose of using email advertising, isn't it?
The advice here is that your email marketing articles should always follow the customer's willingness to subscribe to the email through you. Then, you will take good care of potential customers who are interested in your service.

A. What is Email marketing?

I will keep this section short and simple. Email marketing is all about marketing, promoting the service through email. (Mostly customers now use email as Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail. In addition, some other customers use e-mail services which sound a bit strange or prefer e-mails with separate domain names).
The purpose of this action is to let customers know your product or service (in a clever way), provide useful information to customers, show your gratitude to customers, and build your relationship. With such good customer service, customers will trust your products, services and obtaining customer feedback and surveys may improve your quality of service/products.

Email advertising and email marketing is becoming more popular in the world. Also, you can do it very well in Vietnam because there are many email users, making it almost common to everybody. You can use emails everywhere, at school, at work, while playing at home, unless your product is for specific customers, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and so on.

The last thing I want to say in this section, read the above notes. Many people take advantage of email marketing to SPAM customers search. If you have not done this, I advise you not to do because it reduces your brand trust as well as your service reliability of your service significantly. In the case that you have already SPAMMED then leave it out. As you can see, you did it without any effect, except harm.

B. How did you do Email Marketing?

This blog specializes in making money online as I am a specialist in affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, I have many websites and blogs to bring income for myself, from websites to sell Amazon products, websites for services, health products, digital products, etc. Making money with this affiliate program is very beneficial in a place that you do not need to have a product, no customer care, very high commission, etc. If you want, you can research, learn, and do the same with me.

And email marketing helps me have a very good income. Frankly, I never scan or buy an email on the Internet to conduct my email advertising campaign. Here are three main reasons:

  • Such actions  may cause the unprofessional manner for your product or service;
  • They indeed annoy you, readers, everyone; we all hate SPAM;
  • Your email is sent to Gmail SPAM only (now we use Gmail, Google classified email by a very standard way)

Generally, I know thousands of people do the same way and did not get any results, so what is true email marketing?

Step 1: Navigate your visitors to your website/blog/application

You can direct visitors to your service website by many ways. You may do SEO the main keywords on your service to the top Google. As people search on Google, they can see your service. If they are interested in, they will click on. Otherwise, consider that you can also have service-related articles that you are promoting online.

This type of content will be very effective if you do well. Visitors to your site, who read your wonderful articles will be very interested in your service, and you also make a good impression on the reader.

Or you can run ads Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner, ... to attract visitors to the website, but be sure that: VISITORS TO YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS WHO ARE POTENTIAL TO USE YOUR SERVICE. Do not increase your traffic in an illogical way, use inappreciable traffic increase services or utilize worthless traffic increase autosuft tools.

Some individuals, companies also use email marketing in Applications and Games on the computers and cell phones.

Step 2: When this POTENTIAL customer reads the content on your website, here you may insert a box to enter his email

For example: Register for 30% discount on purchase (you can see this status everywhere in Lazada, Zalora, ..., if your website is a shop or store, you should apply), register to get a free gift (such as Zozoship using email marketing, email subscribers will receive 2 times of free shipping within the city, if I remember correctly), fill in your email and your name to take a trial course (For example, many online courses of English, French, Chinese use this way), ...

Your service can do anything, even small things for your customers, making them feel excited and sign up for their emails. Then, they will impress with your product more.

As you can see, this website of mine specializes in making money. By looking at the right column, you can see a place to receive the online money making guide. Let's click on and sign up to try; this is how I use email marketing.

Step 3: When customers trusted and subscribed, then your next job is to HOLD FORWARD WITH CUSTOMER.

At the place where you write to the customer to enter his name and email, if you promised to give your customers after they enter the email, you have to do the same. In case of the discount, you will let the system automatically send it via email to your customers. If customers subscribe to news, useful articles, you have to send articles, weekly updates for customers. In case of a trial use, you have to let them try, ... In general, you have to do THE SAME WITH WHAT YOU WRITE FOR TO LET YOUR CUSTOMER SUBSCRIBE THEIR EMAILS.

Step 4: Impress your customers

Please do not promote your product or service as new customers sign up to receive emails, but give them a good impression of your product or service.

Set your case as a customer and you will know what your customers need, you can offer them other special treatments, news, useful articles, or other trial services with quality. If you do well, such customers will definitely use your service.

Step 5: Introduce your product or service

Please introduce your product or service as cleverly as possible to the customer. I believe that if the customer received your offer and trial use before, they would buy your product or service immediately.

Please notice that email marketing, content marketing, etc. are just the tools, pay special attention to the quality of your products, services as well as your customer care service.

Step 6: Take care of your customers by email.

This is also an important step. If you want the customers to continue to support you or introduce to their friends, you should not only pay attention to the quality of your service/product but also your good customer care service which is another important factor.

Please send email to customers instructions to use your products and services in a better way, provide bonuses for your customers, always thank them for having used your services and products, etc.

Step 7: Continue to promote other products/services of yours

Customers who are interested in and use your service/product will definitely be interested in related services/products. If you offer these products or services, be smart with them.

If your previous service is good with great customer care, they will not hesitate to continue to support you.

Step 8: Get customer survey, improve product quality

Customers always want your products and services better as well as meet their needs more fully. Therefore, they will not hesitate to give assessment and survey to help your product/service be improved. Better yet, say, to improve your product/service as best you can, then your product/service may grow substantially.

Here are eight steps to do email marketing according to a standard process. Depending on the characteristics of each field of services and products, these steps can be shortened or extended.

C. Is doing email marketing difficult?

Completely no! It is easy because there are now many tools to help you optimize marketing. By this way, you can do it easily without having any basic knowledge. Besides, email marketing system is completely automatic so you just need to install.

In the following article, I will guide you step by step to start the email marketing campaign effectively. The starting budget is not large, with several tens of dollars per month, you can maintain it very effective then.

Again, say NO to the EMAIL SPAM tool. Do email advertising in the best way, build the trust and your best relationship with customers through email marketing.

Please read the next series of email marketing guide. If you have any questions about this article, please comment below. I will reply as soon as possible!

I wish you a good working day.