How to Measure the Right ROI in Influence Marketing

Make the right influence marketing is a difficult task and measure the right ROI rate is a complex challenge. So, this is the time to find out how to measure it right now.


Currently, use the first persons reach a social network is very new for commercializing. On the one hand, to be compatible with the effectiveness of other digital marketing efforts, marketing influencers need the right and the standard measurement. So, how to plan the influencer marketing and how to measure the effective ROI rate?

#1 – Get the right goals and rank them in order of the priority

The first step in measuring an influencer marketing program is to examine the objectives carefully. Use a funnel model for your business and assess how influencers can impact this model.

For example, if you are running a retail chain that does not sell online, then you may consider using influencers to influence the characteristics of the hopper like brand awareness at the bottom of the funnel as store visits. In this example, store visits will bring high value, but it is difficult to implement.

Selecting the priority for the target is also crucial. The retail chain will be intelligent if it chooses to increase brand awareness firstly. It is not possible to increase sales immediately after the beginning of an influencer marketing campaign.

#2 – Create some attractive programs with your influencers

Before coordinating with the influencer, you should find ways to create a fun and engaging campaign that encourages influencers to do the most enthusiastic and effective work.

And there are no specific standards for the task; you need to be as much creative as you can. Once your influencer cares and wishes to participate in the campaign, you will have more options, and costs are also much more competitive.

Furthermore, you should plan influencer marketing in a few months (at least 3 months) if you want the campaign to achieve the desired effect. This period of time will also support you to improve and develop the plan, as well as the relationship with the influencer more tightly.

#3 - Select the influencer which is suitable for your brand and target

At all stages, the process of selecting influencers will be the key to your success. In addition to choosing target-based influencers, brands should also be concerned about the field of their voice and personality (whether they fit the brand).

At this time, the influencer is popular in the social media. You can search influencers based on personal relationships, manual searches or through some specialized platforms like the HiPi. With more than 1,600+ influencers on the system, HiIP gives you plenty of opportunities to choose the right influencer.

#4 - Select the integrated measurement tool

You should also pick a built-in tool for both online and offline activities. It may take you much time to get used to and master these tools; however, with the benefits it brings, how long does it take will not be a big matter anymore.

Google Data Studio

This is the Google's latest free tool that allows us to generate reports through visualization charts by aggregating information from a variety of sources. It will make the reports of influencer marketing campaign which are clear and professional.

Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics for a variety of purposes such as tracking and measuring the impact of social media both on influencers and websites.

The tool is very effective and convenient for all marketers when the statistics can be exported easily to the information area of your choice.

#5 – Undertake the customer survey carefully

Carry out customer surveys on the impact of the campaign before and after the campaign is truly crucial. These surveys may be qualitative or quantitative, and the final result will reflect some of the influencer's ROI as well.

#6 - Measures and repeat to identify the final result

Like other forms of marketing, influencer marketing must be taken time to achieve high ROI and your budget.

At this moment, brands in the high-end segment with small and medium segment have achieved certain success when using influencer marketing.

These also promote how well you sell your product or introduce your great service as well. This is a very positive sign for the development of this marketing field from countries to the world.


Influencer marketing ROI measurement is always a daunting task indeed. Thus, when learning how to measure ROI, several enterprise owners feel confused because they do not know where they should start your journey. Hopefully, you and these owners will have a deep understanding of these issues and find out all your right approaches to apply the influence marketing greatly.